Add to Meloship of the Ring

If you’d like to contribute an article, photo, video or anything of that sort to this site, you can contact me at or @tarmosino on twitter. you will be given credit by name, twitter, email, whatever you would like. I want this to be an interactive Knicks blog filled with opinion pieces and great material. Also I am always open to any help running the blog or any suggestions on how it would be better.


thanks alot and go knicks!

Taylor Armosino

9 comments on “Add to Meloship of the Ring

  1. I just wanted to get your thoughts on B.Davis or G.Arenas ? Could Arenas play D here?, could he contribute offensively? occasionally score and handle the ball? could her turn it around with fresh start in NY and new atmosphere? i liked how he played for Orlando late last spring. He did not play up to his contract at all. he is not star anymore. but could he be a role player or potential starter ? obviously he would have to come cheap. Also…. would Baron Davis just be another ball hogging stefon starbury if he came to NY? Really … I just want Wilson Chandler back. and i want to buy a teeshirt that says the CHANDLER TWINS.

    • I don’t think Arenas is a good fit. he doesn’t have much in the tank and I don’t think he is a good defender. I will say he’s a better option than Mike Bibby… Baron would be a nice fit here I think but again with the addition of Bibby and possibly Barea, I don’t think he is an option either

  2. Sorry, seems like I was posting in the wrong area before. Oh oh, three in a row for the Knicks. They win the back to back against Indy. They can definitely win 4 of the next 5 games. Milwaukee does play the Knicks hard but they also traded away Bogut and the Knicks just seem more aggressive and hungry lately. Time will tell!

    • I think the Celtics were smart to re-sign Garnett, but they will miss Allen. How much does Pierce have left? Will Rondo grow up or piss the team off again? Celtics are going to have a hard time being as good as they were last year, I think.

  3. Meloship of the Ring. I find this title interesting. Who’s the wizard? Who’s Frodo? Who’s Samwise? Which role would ‘Melo take to?

  4. I am cautiously excited about this offseason. I think the Knicks will be relevant, and they will seriously contend for the Atlantic Division crown. Will they mesh enough to truly be contenders for the Eastern Conference? Time will tell, but I do believe they can play with Boston and Indiana and Chicago. Miami is a beast of a different color. What do you think?

  5. haha I’ll leave the role deciding to you.

    I’ll say this. The Knicks are as good on paper as any team in the league. they need to a) stay healthy b) get Amar’e back to an elite level c) get Melo to be a better all around player and d) make outside shots.

    if they can do these things, they can compete in the East, although I don’t think they’re going to be as good as Miami. LeBron is the game changer. its going to be very difficult to beat them in a 7 game series

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