Knicks Spreecast with Tommy Dee

Tonight, I had the honor of doing two Knicks spree casts. The first was the always fun “Knicks Blogger Roundtable” hosted by Chris Delgado. There were a lot of participants as Jamie O’Grady from LoHud Knicks, Dan from, Jared Dubin from every single basketball website there is, Ross Bernhardt from and Keith from Knicks Journal all joined in the fun.

Here is the link to that spreecast (I’m still having embedding problems on this site).

After the spreecast, I decided to host an “after-party” spreecast for anyone who wanted to continue to hear Knicks talk. There, Chris Delgado, Dan from and I discussed Knicks for about a half hour before we were joined by the one and only Tommy Dee. Tommy was extremely knowledgeable as always and really gave us a great show. It was cool for me personally because was one of my inspirations to get into the blogging world. I had spoken with Tommy on twitter but it was great to finally get to speak with him in person (sort of).

Here is the link to that spreecast.

Knicks Pre-Game Spreecast

Before the game, I hosted a spreecast with Keith Gibberman and Chris Delgado. Later, we even had a Knick fan from Brazil come on and talk Knicks. We went for an hour and a half strong. I think I’m doing to make a regular Spreecast show and do maybe 2-3 per week. I’ll let you all know what I decide. Chris and I are still trying to figure out why the spreecast won’t embed on my site. For the meantime, the link will do.

WATCH!! just kidding…. sort of.

Here’s the link: