The Meloship Is Looking For Writers


At the Meloship, we’re looking for one or two more writers to add to our group here. We’re looking for versatile writers with a good grasp of analytics, as well as a love of the Knicks.  If you’re interested, email me at with 2 writing samples of your work. It doesn’t have to be hoops related, but that would be preferable. Also write me what your strengths/weaknesses are, what kind of pieces you would be interested in writing and how many posts a week you think you’d have time for. I’m not a micromanager, but I don’t want to add a writer who never writes anything.


Follow Taylor on twitter @tarmosino 

Meloship of the Ring is Now on Facebook

Facebook stalk may be falling, but the stock of this blog has been holding steady. Foolishly, I was not using one of the biggest social media tools available to me to promote the blog. Now I am.

Meloship of the Ring is now on Facebook. I will post all my articles on there, just as I do on my twitter account (@tarmosino). Please, do me a solid and like the page on Facebook. 

Thanks friends!

Housekeeping Note

I have 3 pieces of news to relay.

  1. Tomorrow .wordpress will be dropped from the domain of this site. Make this note so that next time you would like to access this site, you will not see a blank site. This site will be
  2. I will be doing post game duties on Tuesday (Toronto) and Sunday (Dallas) for the Knicks Wall. I will link back my post games to this site but check me out over there Tuesday and Sunday.
  3. Brian Coleman, @bcoles1029 on twitter, will be contributing on the meloship. Look for him to do various types of posts and make sure to follow him on twitter.

Housekeeping Note

At some point this week, the domain of this site will change from to I will be posting this on my twitter as well for those of you that follow me on twitter @tarmosino. I will remind my viewers of this at least once more before the site is changed so that you who do not follow me on twitter will not be surprised when the site changes.