Discussing Possible Knicks Off-Season Options

As everybody knows, the Knicks were the victims of a gentlemen’s sweep at the hand of the Miami Heat in round one. Now, understandably, the talk amongst Knick fans is what the Knicks should do this summer. The Knicks will be facing a ton of issues this summer, from the PG spot to Mike Woodson to Amare and everything in between. Continue reading

Knicks-Clippers Postgame Recap

The Knicks managed to pick up the W against the Clippers tonight, in typical Knick fashion. The game was back and forth, with the Knicks building several 8 or 9-point leads and then letting the Clippers shoot their way back into the game for the most part. The biggest blow of the night for New York was hearing that the almighty Bobkittens blew the game against Orlando which, in turn, shattered the Knicks 6-seed aspirations.

Here are some notes from the game: Continue reading

Knicks-Clippers: What to Watch for

Tonight, The New York Knicks will continue their push to obtain the 6th seed in the playoffs as they face the LA Clippers at MSG. Knicks’ fans, however, will also be doubling as Bobcats fans since we need the ‘Cats to grab that elusive 8th win against Orlando, in order to keep our 6th-seed dreams alive. Also, the Knicks will be looking to continue this positive momentum going into the playoffs.

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Knicks-Hawks: What to Watch For

The Knicks are heading to Atlanta on Sunday for their last regular-season bout with the Hawks. So far this season the two teams have split their two matchups, with the Knicks winning the first meeting by 17 and losing the second one by 10. The Knicks will be looking to bounce back after their pathetic (and I’m being quite generous) effort in the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers which also marked Amare Stoudemire’s return to the team. The chemistry between Melo and STAT picked up right where it left off, nonexistent. This game is an opportunity for the Knicks to right the ship against a very formidable Hawks team.

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Knicks-Cavs: What to Watch For

Tonight, the Knicks will take on the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers. The game is a must-win if they want to try and obtain the 6th seed in the playoffs. The Knicks dropped 1 of the 3 games played against the Cavaliers, but it was back when Iman Shumpert was the starting point guard. One comforting thing for the Knicks is how brutally terrible the Cavs have been lately, losing their last 2 games by a combined 55 POINTS.

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The 411 on Jeremy Lin’s Knee Injury

As everyone probably knows by know, Jeremy Lin sustained a small tear in his meniscus and is slated to be out approximately 6 weeks. Lin underwent successful surgery yesterday. Seeing as how some people may not understand the actual extent of the injury and what it actually is, I’ll explain it.

A meniscal tear is a tear in the cartilage, a slight one in Lin’s case, located between the top of  the tibia and the bottom of the femur The meniscus is thinly covered by another layer of cartilage. The injury is usually caused by a twisting of the knee, which is exactly what happened to Lin during the game against the Pistons. Lin underwent knee arthroscopy, which is simply the removal of the damaged part of the meniscus. Arthroscopic surgery is done by inserting small instruments and a small camera into the knee joint through several small incisions, then examining and repairing the tissue. The surgery is done under general and local anesthesia and takes about one to two hours.

The Knicks have said that Lin will be back ready to play in about 6 weeks, which is a blessing because he could return during the playoffs. Lin’s return would probably come to fruition towards the end of the first series, unless the series is over fairly quickly. He should definitely be available for the 2nd round, which is very good news. If his injury was more severe, he could have been out for several months. Of course, this is all relative to New York actually making the playoffs and winning a playoff series.