Taylor’s All-NBA Teams



All-NBA Team discussions are always fun this time of year so I thought I’d chip in and put mine up here with a little bit of justification for each. Let me know if you agree/disagree with my selections.

First Team

G – Chris Paul

G – Russell Westbrook

F – LeBron James

F – Kevin Durant

C – Marc Gasol

The two spots for debate here are Westbrook’s guard spot and the center spot. I think Paul, James, and Durant are clear cut locks for their spots, but there can be debates made for the other two. There are a plethora of guards you could insert instead of Westbrook, guys like Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Dwyane Wade, and Tony Parker. I choose Westbrook given how much responsibility he’s been handed in Oklahoma City’s offense due to the pre-season Harden trade to the Rockets. The Thunder are barely behind the Heat in the race for the league’s most efficient offense. I think all the “Westbrook isn’t a point guard” banter is complete crap, as a point guard’s job is to run his team’s offense efficiently. Clearly he’s done that this season. In terms of the center spot, the only other guy who warrants consideration here is Tim Duncan. I choose Marc Gasol over Duncan simply because he’s played more. Gasol’s played 35.1 minutes a game as opposed to 30.0 for Duncan. Five minutes a game doesn’t seem like a lot of minutes, but Gasol has played 727 more minutes this season than Duncan. That’s the equivalent of a little more than 15 full games.

Second Team

G – James Harden

G – Dwyane Wade

F – Carmelo Anthony (!)

F – Blake Griffin

C – Tim Duncan

Anthony has had a season worthy of First Team honors, but he hasn’t had a better season than James or Durant so he gets stuck on the 2nd team. It’s still a great honor, he’s just unlucky that he happens to play the same position as the two best players in basketball. I chose Wade over Kobe and Tony Parker, although you could easily make the argument for either of the other guys. I put Kobe and Parker on the third teams because Kobe has been a bottom 10 defensive player this year and Parker’s missed games with injury. With LeBron getting all the attention and publicity, Wade has quietly had a superstar like year. Wade’s been good defensively and very efficient offensively. Though he’s missed games with injury, he’s still played more minutes and games than Parker. Griffin needs very little justification. He’s been efficient scoring the ball and has improved both defensively and as a passer. He has been the best power forward in basketball this season, not including LeBron.

Third Team

G – Tony Parker

G – Kobe Bryant

F – Paul George

F – Serge Ibaka

C – Chris Bosh

I absolutely love Paul George’s game. He’s been a key part of one of the deadliest five man units in basketball and is a ++ defender on the best defensive team in basketball. Parker and Bryant have been fantastic offensively, but Parker’s missed games with injuries and Kobe’s defense play has been hilarious. Serge Ibaka gets my other forward spot, although there’s about 10 other guys in this conversation. Ibaka’s offensive game has progressed greatly, as he’s helped pick up some of the slack left behind by the departed James Harden. He’s not blocking quite as many shots, but he’s still over 3.5 per 36 minutes which is very good. Chris Bosh gets my center spot as the most underrated superstar in basketball. Though all the goofy video bombing and weird internet photos, Bosh is an unbelievable player. His main deterrent is that he plays alongside two of the game’s megastars and is therefore overlooked. He’s invaluable for what Miami wants to do offensively, both as a floor spacer and the primary roll man in pick and roll sets.

So there you have it. Either comment below or hit me up on twitter @tarmosino about your opinions and thoughts on my teams. I’d imagine a lot of you have Carmelo on the First Team, but I don’t think there’s a legitimate argument for him over James or Durant.

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