Recap: Knicks 100 Celtics 85

j.r rotem

Tonight, the Celtics were shorthanded without Kevin Garnett due to an ankle injury that will set him back for two weeks (thank god). Even though KG wasn’t on the floor to antagonize Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks still got it done against the Jordan Crawford-led Celtics, if you will, also without Tyson Chandler. At the beginning of the second quarter and from there on out, the Knicks held onto the lead. The Celtics did go on a mini 5-0 run by scoring the first two baskets of the second half, after the Knicks ended the first half with a 19-4 run, leading me to thinking that the Celtics were eventually going to take the lead and create their own run. Thankfully, that was not the case and Avery Bradley was left in disbelief post game. Here are the most important notes:

  • 29 points on 30 shots? Efficiency? Absolutely not, but, however, Carmelo Anthony did make up for a ton of those crappy shots he chucked up. At least he abused Brandon Bass for the majority of the game. Bear in mind that that guy J.R Smith was there to back Melo up on the shooting end. Speaking of…
  • J.R Smith definitely got his sexy local singles in the Boston area after the game he had tonight, especially after his third quarter buzzer-beater, in which I stripped myself down to nothing (nah, not that much). He was literally unstoppable; J.R made more than half of his shots, so he automatically gets the epic seal of approval. I guess J.R was really ready to play once he posted this Instagram photo, while holding up the devil horns, even though he’s not really signifying the devil horns.
  • K-Mart’s persistence on the boards, particularly on the offensive glass, has been very vital. I’ll also take Kenyon Martin putback dunk barrages anytime. K-Mart continues to be the very serviceable option he is right now. No one thought K-Mart would be playing like he has been playing throughout the last few games. Keep proving everyone wrong, K-Mart.
  • Jason Kidd’s cranium infested with basketball IQ and experience killed it. Proof? He drove on Avery Bradley and laid in the ball like it was 2002 on one of the best on-ball defenders in the league. Stats didn’t summate J-Kidd’s performance, with the exception of his 6 rebounds and 5 big points, but he was an instigator with his magical hands on the defensive end. J-Kidd put in a great 23 minutes to boot.
  • Some weird shit went on; Mike Woodson played Chris Copeland at center, and that backfired to who knows where, North Korea? Yeah, the Cope center experiment was tested out, and got nuked on it’s own. I forgive you, Woody.
  • Pablo Prigioni posted a blog entry three days ago, something I didn’t know until last night. I read his minute-craving sentiments, and Woody stood by his words (I don’t know if he actually read them) by playing Prigs more minutes. Prigs put in his 30 solid minutes of run as a starter. The czar, Mike Fratello, perfectly pointed out Prigs’ Euroball fouling-to-prevent-the-fastbreak-strategy, which stopped two clear breaks. Along with his Grand Theft Prigs inbounds pass steals, we can bear in mind that his anti-fastbreak tactics are also in fact another Prigsism. Prigs led the team with a small 5 assists, but they were 5 very good assists mostly off of the pick and roll. He also played great defense that was better than Avery Bradley’s, and that’s without bias because Avery Bradley’s mind was in a basketball conundrum.

What an awesome win in Boston. There are already Celtics fans badmouthing me about KG’s injury saying how they would of won if KG played. Do we really have to go there? I really hope Mike Woodson will start playing Raymond Felton and Prigs as the one-two guard combo in future matchups. The Knicks are 5-0 when Felton and Prigs both start. Also, this marks the fifth game won in a row, all without the defensive powerhouse, Tyson Chandler. Back on home to face the Grizzlies. Second place!


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