Ex-Knicks of The Week


James Griffo (@j_griff): I can’t stress enough to talk about Renaldo Balkman and his recent choking capades. I actually forgot that Balkman played in the PBA aka the Filipino’s NBA, but it’s not like I care/cared about him anyways because, my god, he was, and still is a pungent block of rotten cheese sitting in a dumpster, while being devoured by alley rats with emblems of Isiah Thomas’s face embedded on their chests. He did write a formal apology, which you can see here, and a couple of other tweets to the Petron Blaze, the team he plays for. After an apparent techincal foul was called, Balkman proceeded to do what most players do: Argue about foul calls till the players get their way. He didn’t get his way, so he decided to choke Arwind Santos, a PBA superstar from what I understand (just look at his accolades), after plowing through one of his assistant coaches and referees. The end result: he made PBA history by being the first player in 15 years to receive a lifetime ban, along with a fine of 250,000 pesos, which accounts for just over $6,000 American dollars. Regardless, you are my Ex-Knick of the week, Renaldo, not just because of your recent incident, but also because of the 2006 draft, in which you were picked right before assist master, Rajon Rondo *cuts to a scene of me contemplating about what the Knicks could have done with Rondo.* Besides being picked right before Rondo, what else will everyone ultimately remember Renaldo Balkman for? Being exchanged back and forth between the Denver Knicks (my nickname I gave to the 2010-11 Knicks/Nuggets) and the New York Knicks. The last time Balkman saw NBA action was during the peak of Linsanity last season against the Kings, in garbage time, of course. He took one shot that game, the shot being a three. He missed it.

Prior to the choking incident, Balkman was starting to become the most recent “Thrilla In Manilla” to the PBA in years (yeah right). Obviously, I’m just kidding. He didn’t really take off in the Phillipines anyways; he was just a decoy and a filler. I was going to start thinking when the Petron Blaze will cut him, but then I discovered that the PBA banned him for life. After all, the Blaze are the Lakers/Celtics of the PBA because their fans COUNT THA RINGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (19 Z’s for the total amount of championships they won). Hopefully I don’t have to see his guts in the NBA ever again. I guess it may be safe to say that the PBA wasn’t ready for Renaldo Balkman. Or it could be the complete opposite; Balkman wasn’t ready for the PBA. To be honest, I think it was a mix of both. The only good thing about Balkman (wait, what?) was that he was cleared to make a roster spot for signing J.R Smith last season. That’s about it. R.I.P Renado Balkman’s PBA career, and probably his NBA career pretty soon. But wasn’t it dead already?

Taylor Armosino (@tarmosino): My ex-Knick this week is the man who was a part of one of the sickest alley oops we’ve seen this season. Jamal Crawford was the trigger man in setting up Blake Griffin in one of the great plays of the year. Up 106-91 over the Bucks, the Clippers forced a turnover and Crawford had the ball in his hands with Griffin trailing in a 2 on 0 breakaway. This is what occurred next:

With the Knicks, Crawford was one of the main scorers on a ton of bad teams. Knick fans will remember him for having some big scoring games and putting in a ridiculous amount of 4 point plays (a three pointer, plus the foul). I’ve always liked Jamal and it makes he happy to see him playing well in Los Angeles. Crawford is a posting a career high in points scored per 36 minutes and true shooting percentage as one of the main cogs in the Clippers offense. Though he is now battling an injury, he did participate in two games last week. He scored 25 points against the Bucks and 20 against the Thunder, shooting 18/29 from the floor and 7/11 from downtown.


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