Ex-Knicks of the Week


Matt Weiss (@ThanksRoy): Two ex-Knicks this week from me, because one is technically still a Knick. Even though he is still on the roster, for reasons unknown to me, but professed to be a “return in the second round of the playoffs” (how about we get there first) this week’s Ex-Knick of the week is Rasheed Wallace. I am a Carolina alum (hence the twitter handle, seriously, Thanks Roy) and so when Sheed was rumored to be coming to the Knicks I was even more giddy with excitement then most fans. Of course, Sheed is amazing and I was expecting hours of entertainment.

After his appearance on cribs (http://www.youtube.com/embed/2gRhbXw1Kik) my wife and I made tea and crumpet jokes for weeks on end. I also remember being shocked Sheed was playing for us, as I am 33 with two kids and Sheed was 3 years gone from Carolina when I arrived on campus. His antics make is easy to forget that he really is a basketball savant, a guy who played under some of the greatest coaches in history and seemed to understand the game on a very deep level. His mere presence made us better defensively and smarter all around. I didn’t expect much from him, and his first appearance as human victory cigar versus the heat on opening night seemed to indicate he wasn’t going to play a big role. But then he did, and he mattered. Sheed’s defense, rebounding and communication were a big part of our start and we have missed him since. Sure, not all of the Knicks early success had to do with him, but when he got hurt, we definitely missed him. Marcus Camby being out definitely exacerbated this, and now we have Kmart reprising this role as well, but none fit as well as Wallace did. All I know is, while his tenure was brief, Sheed mattered. He was smart, fun to watch, and made his teammates better. that’s why I will miss him and why even though he is still the 15th man, he is my ex knick of the week.

The second ex-Knick of the week is Landry Fields. Sure he sucked last year and still kind of sucks, but his fiancé is pregnant with a baby boy. As the father of two little dudes myself, I can’t think of any ex-Knicks who had a better week then Mr. Fields. Congrats Landry.

James Griffo (@j_griff): There are a copious amount of historic NBA afros. The ABA had the better afros, but that doesn’t mean NBA fros were bad at all. Dr. J transferred his New York Nets afro to Philadelphia right before the ABA-NBA merger. Darnell Hillman’s afro was the best on the planet.  Josh Childress has a very notable fro, as well as Donyell Marshall’s aka Ludacris circa 2002. But Moochie Norris’s afro was larger than life; an afro that transcended the NBA in many ways, definitely better than his play by a million miles. That’s right…MOOCHIE FREAKIN’ NORRIS. I know you guys are going like “WHAT THE HELL?” because who would of thought someone would have something to say about Moochmaster Norris himself? Well, guess what? I have some stuff to say about him, but not much.

Blast off (no pun intended)! I first remember Norris playing for the Rockets with Steve Francis (Ex-Knick represent!). I was either 5 or 6 years old at the time, and a random Rockets game was on. Don’t ask me who the opposing team was, because even though I have a very strong memory, I won’t remember who that team was anyways. It could of been the Timberwolves for all I know. Shots were flying all over the place and the court to me was going to be quarantined by the end of the game. My hero after that game was “the guy with crazy hair.” ESPN even interviewed him about his monster fro. But as time went on, Norris went back to sucking (he always did suck), and turned into the 140194th man, or something like that, on various bench/garbage time units.

In 2003, Norris was traded to the Knicks for whatever reason. Maybe they needed his insomniac abilities that not only made himself stay up, but to also have Knick fans stay up having nightmares of his hair coming to MSG. Who knows? Then, in 2005, Norris, along with an old washed up Vin Baker, was traded back to the Rockets. See? I told you there wasn’t a lot to talk about Moochie Norris! Just his afro.

Taylor Armosino (@tarmosino): My ex-Knick this week is Ill Wilson Chandler. Now a Denver Nugget, Chandler played three games in past calendar week. He was a non-factor in a win over the Trail Blazers, but he had two fantastic games in big wins over the Lakers (!) and the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the 119-108 Nuggets victory, which was fun in a multitude of ways (see Dwight Howard not giving a [four letter expletive] about help defense), Chandler scored 23 points on 10/18 shooting. In a huge win over Oklahoma City, Chandler broke out for an explosive performance. He was red hot from downtown, hitting 6/7 from beyond the arc,  and scored 35 points.

All the more importantly, Chandler is also on my fantasy basketball team. He gave my team, which has been floundering as of late and now has to deal with Tony Parker being injured, a huge boost with his performances. So not only do I applaud his recent stretch of big games, but I’m desperately rooting for this stretch to continue for the rest of the season.


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