Should The Knicks Trade Iman Shumpert For J.J Redick?


I was up extra late last night watching Late Show with David Letterman, and then watching Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks for like the 1312421th time because it’s such a great movie. Anywho, according to Alex Kennedy, there were trade rumors of J.J Redick being traded for Iman Shumpert, with a possibility of having a third team being placed into the trade. When I first saw it, I thought to myself that it wasn’t a bad deal at first. Redick is a pure shooter. Off of the catch and shoot, he’s automatic, he really can’t miss, one of the best in the league off of the catch and shoot, indubitably. He’s shooting just over 40% from downtown,  45% from the field, with just over a 60 TS% as well, averaging 15.3 PPG, which, for pure shooters, is excellent. That may change, but at the pace Redick is going at, it would be imperative to go after him. It would add another hazardous three point threat for the Knicks, and, not to bash on the Knicks’ free throw shooting, Redick is shooting 88% from the charity stripe. But really, though, how many cases of YGTMYFT (you got to make your free throws) have we seen this season? A lot, for the most part.

However, Redick will be granted free agency after this season. His contract is priced at a little over $6M, and if the Knicks were to lose him in free agency, then I feel like the speculative trade that has been mentioned throughout the last day or so would be a total waste of time. Come to think of it, Shumpy is the only guy that the Knicks could trade because let’s face it: The team is older than Noah’s Arc, the others are either irreplaceable, untouchables, or just damaged goods x1,000,000 (ahem, Kurt Thomas and Flight White), and the Knicks have tried to do away with him ever since going after Steve Nash back in July. So, in my eyes, something like this would have to occur if Redick were to depart for New York (Shump, Novak, White, Thomas) without a third team being mentioned.

Previously, Taylor stated in a separate post that had Shump being put up for trade for Jared Dudley of the Phoenix Suns what I have been saying for practically since Shump came back against the Pistons in London. The Shump-on-quicker-point-guards sentiment that I’ve been wailing has happened…once, maybe twice. That one time was against the Clippers where Woodson stated that he was going to start Shump defending Chris Paul, but then in the latter, Woody adjusted Raymond Felton onto CP3 and got torched yet again. Opposing lightning fast point guards have looked like Mark Jackson and Gary Payton while being defended by Felton, except, Chris Paul is the best point guard in the league and is in a league of his own. Redick is an alright defender, but can’t really defend quicker point guards either. That’s been one of the Knicks’ heftiest issues this season. He can’t really force turnovers, which is essentially the main basis for the Knicks’ back court.

My thing is this: the Knicks don’t need anymore three point threats, although, it would be nice to have another one anyways. Even though Redick is a decent defender, patience is still a virtue with Shump’s defense. Shump is even also starting to develop a three point shot, which, if he can shoot at about 35-36% from the perimeter, that’ll be another dangerous three point threat with his excellent defensive adroitness when healthy. I would assume that Redick would come off the bench because the Felton-Kidd one/two guard punch has been very successful this year, or it could be the reverse with Redick starting and Kidd coming off the bench.

Would I pull the trigger on this trade? Hmm…it’s a tricky move. No, but by a millimeter long hair. Thankfully, I’m not deciding the trade. If it happens, I think it’ll be a last second trade at like 11:00 P.M tomorrow night or something. That’s just me, though. Just another Shump rumor everyone! *Shump walks away*

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