Recap: Knicks 100 Timberwolves 94


In the second and final meeting against the Wolves, the Knicks won a game in which it was somewhat similar to the first meeting against the Wolves back in December, except, the Knicks had the lead for the majority of tonight’s game unlike not having the lead until the 4th quarter in the previous meeting. The Knicks played very well in the first half. Ball movement was very prevalent and they closed out the first half with a 52-45 lead, although, the Wolves capped off a 10-3 run to end the half. Then, the Wolves limited the Knicks to 18 points in the 3rd quarter, creating a momentum shift that shifted all the way into the 4th. But, thanks to guardian angel, Carmelo Anthony’s 12 fourth quarter points, the Knicks accelerated down the stretch along with a few very crucial defensive possessions to boot. Tyson Chandler made Marv Albert orgasm his famous “REJECTION” catch phrase somewhere after he rejected Ricky Rubio to drop the dagger through the Target Center. Tonight’s win was a little shaky, but s’all good. Wins rule. Here are some notes:

  • The fourth quarter salvager aka Carmelo Anthony saved the day again. He never ceases to amaze. Melo had caught fire in the first half, scoring 11 first quarter points on 5-9 shooting, abusing the Wolves three guard rotation. Then, as the Knicks played Swiss cheese defense in the latter, sources told me that a hammering drunk Timberwolf mascot told Melo to go “off like a light switch” while the Knicks were battling for the lead in the second half. Tin charges, pull-up jumpers (not so much PUJITS), foul drawing, hitting half of his shots, the works, Melo was the offensive juggernaut and saved the day once again. He wanted to take scoring initiative on Derrick Williams because the steam was blowing out of his ears after Williams beat him on some cutters. And so he did. Melo had no remorse for his defenders.
  • Raymond Felton probably listened to Mike Woodson’s harrowing “playing with pride on defense” sentiments. Bulldog mentality? Bullshit mentality. It’s safe to say that Kurt Thomas played better than Ray. Ricky Rubio and Luke Ridnour kept blowing past him like he was an inanimate object. You want proof? Jason Kidd is light years older than Felton and can play the pick and roll way better than he can.
  • Much like in the first game against the Wolves, Nikola Pekovic badgered Tyson Chandler with his mesmerizing post game and rebounding abilities. Ditto to tonight, where Tyson had struggles on the boards while playing with what could possibly be an injury, as he was clutching his elbow in the second quarter. It might have been a Charley horse or the football equivalent of a stinger. I want to think it was that, but it could be worse (IT’S NOT WORSE. LET’S STOP SPECULATING). At least there were 4 offensive rebounds from Tyson off of his patented Tyson Tipouts™.
  • YOU KNOW WHAT? KURT THOMAS GETS THE HONORARY FOURTH BULLET BECAUSE HE WAS ON KURT THOMAS HEAT CHECK. In case you don’t know what a Kurt Thomas heat check is, a Kurt Thomas heat check is when Kurt Thomas hits 2-3 shooting, scoring 4 points. I don’t care about minutes differentials; Kurt played so much better than Raymond Felton. Two mid-range jumpers in 6 minutes and a foul is all you need (should be three) from him.
  • First off, I would like to say that Greg Stiemsma got Stiemed again and is the Knicks’ poster boy for posterizations this season, but by Amare Stoudemire this time instead of J.R Smith. Just look at the gif (courtesy of The Knicks Wall) for a New York minute…Done? Alrighty. Amare had another fantastic bench outing going 5-7 from the field, scoring 11 points on some solid post possessions. The only negative aspect of Amare’s performance tonight was his absolutely, nonsensical, dumb and what ever negative adjective you can come up with technical foul he got in the fourth quarter after taunting a ref. Other than that, Amare had a great game.728969490
  • All I can picture in my head right is J.R Smith going to the First Avenue club in Minny performing with a Prince cover band after tonight. For an encore, Knick fans will be requesting “Baby I’m A Star,” which is a subliminal message for “J.R SHOULD OF BEEN AN ALL-STAR,” according to some of Knicks Twitter. Tonight, J.R rounded out with a team leading +14 and threaded the ! of the game after his clutch and-one on Dante Cunningham, who, by the way, was a menace on the glass last time, but not so much tonight. He hoisted up some unnecessary jumpers like he does all the time, but you can’t watch J.R without seeing him chuck up those stupid shots. But that and-one basically said “PACK IT UP, IT’S ALL OVER.”
  • I thought Jason Kidd played great tonight, especially in the first half. On one possession, J-Kidd posted up Luke Ridnour with confidence and made the Target Center’s mouth drop. Even though I’ve been fed up with Woodson’s macabre minutes allocations, I thought it was necessary to play Kidd for 30 minutes. With Felton excessively bleeding, Kidd at the two guard provided Duck with a safety net in case things go awry, in which things went awry. Also, Kidd assisted on the defensive end, poking away balls (no pun intended) for steals, one of them being set up for a fast break to J.R.
  • Look, we all know Shump is still trying to get rid of his rustiness, but, however, he didn’t play well at all. Not much to say about Shumpy, except for one thing, he was reported missing on the milk carton on defense. He still needs some time to get back into his defensive mix. *Shump walks away*
  • Steve Novak started out very well, hitting a couple of threes, but then fell off of a cliff going into the second half. The three point contest is awaiting. Get that quick stroke ready, Steve. And here’s perhaps one of the best bench celebrations (courtesy of The Knicks Wall, again) in the history of mankind. NOV1
  • Pablo Prigioni fabricated some pick and rolls with Amare, but wasn’t really that visible. Prigs was quiet. However, in the Novak bench celebration gif above, Prigs be doing his Judd Nelson fist pump till the world ends.
  • Clyde called Luke Ridnour Ricky Rubio while Ridnour was limping up in transition. Oh, he also pronounced J.J Barea’s name correctly. It’s groundbreaking shit that’s not from this world.

A sloppy win is always fine. Considering how the Knicks played their awful transition and half court defense like they always have this year, they pulled out in the orange and blue getaway car with a win. They just welcomed Ricky Rubio into the paint without an invitation and let him finish what he had started. Nikola Pekovic, or as I would call him, the Oompa Loompa, was posting and toasting and rebounding Tyson to a pulp. Tyson had colossal difficulties against Big Pek in both meetings for some reason. Maybe it’s because Pek is so fundamentally sound. Who knows? Fact of the matter is that the Knicks have the Clippers, the somewhat new Raptors with Rudy Gay (can’t forget Hamed Haddadi either), and the Pacers coming up ahead of them.

Twas the night of a blizzard named after a fictional clown fish, the Knickerbockers, who will be having trouble coming home because of this blizzard, howled like a Timberwolf to the yetis in the stands of the Target Center, hoping that their destiny would be fulfilled. Their destiny of winning was fulfilled, but that one obstacle, the blizzard, came into their paths on their way home. Let the snow blowing commence!


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