Notes From the Knicks 113-97 Win Over Orlando

Hey-yo Knicks fans! That game was weird. The Knicks first quarter defense was horrifically bad and it looked like the night may be a long one. However, New York tightened up their ‘efense and held Orlando in check the rest of the game. With his 30th consecutive 20 point performance, Carmelo Anthony set a new Knicks record. Amar’e Stoudemire was great again off the bench with 14 points on 7/7 shooting. Tyson Chandler got back on track offensively with 21 points on 10/11 shooting. All in all, it ended up being a pretty good night for the Knicks.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • Amar’e Stoudemire is cool beans! Tonight was another good performance for the Knicks super sub, as he yet again provided a spark off the bench. Stoudemire seems to have embraced this Manu Ginobili role and he’s excelling in it. Per 36 minutes, Stoudemire’s averaging 20.2 points on 52% shooting and grabbing 7 boards a game. His true shooting percentage is at 60.6% and he’s got a Net-RTG of +11. If this is gibberish to you, just know that he has been incredibly good. 
  • New York moved the ball really well on offense which led to the Knicks recording assists on 31 of their 47 baskets. The Knicks fluid offense also resulted in open spot up looks, as they shot 14/34 from downtown. Tyson Chandler was especially good moving the ball tonight, recording 5 assists. Raymond Felton’s return has been good for the Knicks offense. It’s pretty clear that Woodson has more trust that the ball will go where it needs to go when he’s directing the offense. Without Felton, we saw more post up, more isolation. Woodson was dictating where the ball was going. With Felton in the fold, the Knicks are able to play more free flowing offense where they have the freedom to move the ball and find open shooters. While Felton has struggled on defense and is inconsistent in offense, the fact that he has Woodson’s trust makes him a very valuable piece to this offense.
  • Here is New York’s shot chart from the game:

Knicks-Magic Shot Chart


  • The two most efficient shots in basketball are the three point shot and shots resulting at the rim. New York was 14/34 from downtown (41.2%) and made 25 of 30 attempts at the rim. That is unbelievably efficient offense, which led to the Knicks recording a fantastic O-RTG of 134.5 tonight. Well done, Knicks.
  • Prigioni looks more and more comfortable as we move on through the season. He shot the ball 7 times tonight, which is like 6 times more than usual. He took six threes (!) and hit three of them. When you watch him play, it’s quite obvious he can shoot the ball. His biggest issue this year has been his lack of aggressiveness, but he has been more aggressive as of late which may spur  Woodson to give him more minutes.
  • Ronnie Brewer is still useless.
  • Steve Novak hit 3/7 on his threes tonight. Tommy Beer of Hoopsworld pointed out on teh twitterz that the Knicks are 15-1 this season when Novak shoots 6+ times from downtown. Keep hoisting, Steven!

Th-th-thats all folks! Up next is a showdown with Milwaukee on Friday Night Knicks, which means the Knicks will probably lose by 400. Welp.

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