Recap: Knicks 108 Wizards 87


After winning their first (and only) game of the season against the Blazers at home, the Wizards flew on their brooms en route to New York to try and propel on a two game winning streak. Not surprisingly, the Wizards have numerophobia of the number two, and they lost against the Knicks, causing their measly one game winning streak to fall into pieces. Despite being up by 9 at the end of the first quarter, The Knicks were annihilated on the offensive glass 13-3, which basically kept the Wizards in the game early (I know, that sounds pretty funny), but the Wizards didn’t go further. Despite the Knicks sloppy start, they pretty much commanded the rest of the game. After having an early first quarter lead, the Wizards never regained the lead from the Knicks. Even if John Wall wasn’t injured, he would of probably been jacking up random threes trying to improve his .071 3P% from last year. Even if Wall took ten threes, he would still probably miss all of them because he is a monstrosity of a three point shooter. Anyways, here are some notes:

  • Pablo Prigioni gets tonight’s honorary first bullet. Following up his excellent performance in Milwaukee from last night, Prigs played 25 minutes of excellent basketball. He may have only scored 8 points and dished out 5 assists, but he started to find his shot, shooting 3-4 from the field. It appeared that Prigs got rid of his shot hesitancy. One of his made shots was a stupefying contested jumper while the shot clock was about to expire early in the second quarter. I felt like stripping down all of my clothes and running outside like a deranged lunatic knocking on my neighbor’s door and high-fiving them because it was that mesmerizing. Prigs also orchestrated a perfectly executed alley-oop to J.R Smith, in which J.R nailed a reverse dunk. I lost count on my Prigs inbounds steal counter, but whoever is keeping track, you can add another steal to that counter. Prigs continues to have a knack for aggravating inbounds passers after a basket. Prigs was the floor general tonight, which brings me to…
  • Raymond Felton had an abhorrent first half. For some reason, Ray still believes that his Toney Douglas-esque floater can convert, while it continues to clang off the rim constantly. Thankfully, he only took one of those, but his shot selection in the first half was atrocious. Instead of attacking the rim, the Wizards’ defense baited him into taking long twos. Ray resurrected from the dead and picked up the pace in the second half. Felton started to attack the rim more. That is where he absolutely succeeds, whether its getting overexcited with throwing lobs to Tyson Chandler (there was only one of those) or just plain aggressive drives. Poor decision making was Ray’s first half, but he regained himself in the second half.
  • Melo played 28 minutes and basically rested the 4th quarter. There were talks of David Stern implementing “substantial sanctions” against that, but I guess he didn’t notice. Anyways, Melo had a typical Melo game shooting 6-13 from the field, made some nice pinpoint passes, one off of penetration, attacked the rim, drawing fouls, you know, as well as starting off the game with the elbow iso for like the 102957102597th time, or something like that. Maybe I have to guesstimate.
  • Tyson Chandler missed a shot! TRADE HIM. Of course, I’m kidding. Ever since Tyson broke out of his early season slump against the Nets, he’s been super freakishly efficient. Tonight, he didn’t succeed in making every single one of his shots like he did against the Bucks, but he shot 5-8 from the field and had a double-double (12-10). Its safe to say that Tyson’s early season slump has banished.
  • You know that dunk I was talking about before? That dunk where J.R Smith channeled his inner Dominique Wilkins? Yeah, that one. That dunk essentially summed up J.R’s performance. To end the first half, J.R shot 4-6 from the field, with a +16. He ended with 20 points on 9-14 shooting along with a +20, along with providing some solid help defense. Good J.R. Now you can go drown yourself in cognac at the club. Well, I don’t know if that’s your preferred alcoholic beverage, J.R, but I’m just assuming. Just bear with me, Earl.
  • I noticed that Ronnie Brewer is starting to love the mid-range jumper. Meanwhile, Dave Hopla is fist pumping because he knows he’s the best shooting coach out there. Brewer only made 19 threes last year. This year, he’s made 12, but now counting the two threes he made tonight, Brewer has now made 14. Brewer is starting to become a corner specialist, hitting his only two threes from the left corner. On one possession, Kevin Seraphin grabbed a rebound and threw a careless pass right into Brewer’s chest, which was followed by a Brewer assist to Tyson Chandler for a CHANDLER SMASH. Although Seraphin was mentally deficient on that play, it was still a great defensive play by Brewer nonetheless.
  • Kurt Thomas started and got his 8 minutes. He committed two fouls. Vintage Kurt. He did what he was supposed to do.
  • Sheed had a relatively quiet 17 minutes. He dropped only one Sheed bomb from downtown, but also had 4 rebounds. Not a lot of Sheedanigans tonight, or maybe there was some, I just didn’t notice any.
  • Steve Novak didn’t exactly produce a carbon copy of his three barrage against Milwaukee, but he paid his three point shooting dues, going 3-6 from beyond the arc. I’m jumping with joy now that Novakaine is back. I’d rather not be deprived watching him jack up threes in garbage time like he did that one game against the Hornets. That was unbearable. Novak’s back.
  • Believe it or not, Cope got some significant minutes. In 13 minutes, he scored 6 points and was tagged with three fouls. Whatever, Cope.
  • James White…garbage time uselessness. No tomahawk jams. Very disappointing, Flight. *cries in the corner*
  • Walt said the phrase “tenacious D” and I immediately thought of this.
  • Robert Randolph was tamed. However, I still loathe him, and he should self-loathe himself.

What did I take from this game? Well, the Washington Generals, err…I mean Wizards, love missing 4-8 foot shots. This is mostly in reference to Kevin Seraphin’s copious amount of missed hook shots and short jumpers off of his own offensive rebounds (he had 7 offensive rebounds). Seraphin went 6-15 and had a double-double, but half of his shots were either his patented missed hook shot or his unlucky short jumper that rolled off the front rim. Remember when Nene was a starter? Oh yeah. Oh, and Earl Barron, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Also, there was the daily STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ (Jordan Crawford) bench appearance, which was pretty interesting, considering the fact that he was the leading scorer for the Wizards with 17 points. The dismantling of the Washington Generals halts their record at 1-13. The Knicks are now 11-4. I have something interesting I wanna share. If you guys weren’t paying attention to my Twitter, (it’s okay if you weren’t. I have absolutely nothing against you) I tweeted at halftime that I once met A.J Price at a McDonald’s in 2010. Weird huh? One time, my Dad and I were visiting family friends down in Amityville (I have been to the Amityville horror house too. Pretty creepy stuff.) and we stopped at a McDonald’s, and oddly enough, I saw A.J Price wearing his Amityville Memorial high school jersey. This was during the offseason. He was a pretty nice guy. I talked to him about what it was like to be drafted, and he said “It was incredible. My dream came true…to become a professional basketball player representing Long Island. All of my hard work paid off. ” There was more, but that’s about all I remember. I think you guys would get the gist of it, though. Its too bad he hasn’t found himself in the NBA. Oh well. The Knicks head into Phoenix tomorrow to play the Suns.

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