Recap Mavericks 114 Knicks 111

Another epic comeback was almost sealed in heart-attack inducing fashion, but the Knicks couldn’t quite pull out of Dallas with a second win against the Mavericks. The first half was filled with lots of ball movement and unselfishness that propelled the Knicks into an early 54-49 lead at halftime. The Mavericks romped ahead of the Knicks in the third quarter 35-26, leading the Knicks to trailing by 4 at the end of the third 84-80. The Knicks showed life in the fourth quarter like they have in previous games, but despite the “good job, good effort,” they fell short because of poor decision making in the latter. Notes from this game are brought to you by…me:

  • Despite his smart fundamental play in the first half and his team leading 23 points, Carmelo Anthony had a typical mediocre shooting night shooting 7-16 from the field. Melo played 41 minutes and fouled out, resulting in a dose of “Hit The Road Jack.” Melo was rolling early. He continued to pass out of double teams finding the open man, but got sloppy with the ball later, reverted back to iso ball and committed 7 turnovers. On one possession, Melo attacked the rim, did a 360, and converted a mesmerizing layup. Unfortunately, the circus shot was called off and Melo was tagged with an offensive foul, which was absolutely not a foul because looking back at the tape, Vince Carter clearly moved and Tony Brothers happened to be brothers with Vince Carter deciding that it was an offensive foul against Melo, leading to fans denouncing the refs. The subject of the 4th quarter, as well as the whole game, was Melo’s shot selection on the very last possession of the game. Melo, who was being guarded by lockdown defender, Shawn Marion, beat Marion off the dribble and pulled up for an extraneous double-clutch jumper that hit short rim. I was facepalming right after Melo missed the shot because I knew that it wasn’t the decision I wanted Mike Woodson to go to. Prior to that, to prevent the Knicks from taking the lead in the fourth quarter, Chris Kaman sucked the venom out of one of his pet snakes he brought with him that he was hiding under the hardwood floor tiles, smacked the bejesus out of Melo’s face, and hissed at everyone in transition.
  • Most of Raymond Felton’s 11 assists were off of a pick and roll with Tyson Chandler involved. The Felton-Chandler pick and roll annihilated the Mavericks all game. It was virtually unstoppable. Even if you cut a gargantuan anvil off of a rope from the top of the American Airlines Arena instantly crushing the hardwood, the pick and roll would still be a crowd pleaser, for Knick fans, that is. The thing I didn’t understand was that if the pick and roll was so tenacious throughout the entire game, then why not stay with it, especially on the last possession down by one with 24 seconds.
  • Speaking of the guy that was reporting missing on the milk carton for the first few games, Tyson Chandler was reported to be found tonight. Surprisingly, Chandler only committed one foul. By the time the 3rd quarter would start, Tyson would usually be benched for having at least 4 fouls, but not this game. As I said, Chandler and Raymond Felton intertwined nicely on the pick and roll throughout the whole game. The pick and roll capped off a barrage of Chandler and-ones in the fourth, which greatly built up the Knicks almost comeback win. Under the glass was Chandler’s niche as well, grabbing 13 rebounds.
  • Using his pickpocket signature skill from NBA 2K13, Jason Kidd stole the ball 5 times. All of Kidd’s 8 shots were threes. He made 5 of them. Kidd was greeted with a strong standing ovation from the Mavericks crowd as well as Tyson Chandler. The infamous J-Kidd headband made another appearance because of Kidd’s recent head injury. Kidd ended with 17 points and a +12.
  • J.R had a cold shooting night. He’s been Mr. Efficiency for the past few games, being the cardinal reason for why the Knicks won a couple of games with his underrated defensive input and shot selection, but unfortunately, not tonight. Remember when Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak gave out Nick Young adjusted +/- alerts while the Knicks played the Sixers and how Nick Young’s +/- was so terrible? Well, I hate to break it to ya, JR, but you get that award. -19 in 32 minutes is so Nick Young, J.R. And it’s so bad J.R, J.R.
  • Rasheed Wallace had a decent night. He set a couple of nice screens for Raymond Felton, popping the open shots on the perimeter. He missed the three opportunities both times following the screens, but Sheed did his duties, except, the shots have to go in next time. Smarter shot selections play a role in shots going in too, you know, Sheed.
  • O.J Mayo had to have sniffed lines of coke or something prior to the game starting because he was all over the place. Mayo was the Mavericks’ leading scorer with 27 points, going 3-7 from three, although it felt like he made more than three threes, and as the Mavericks’ Mike Dunleavy-that kills the Knicks, except, Mayo was starting unlike Dunleavy who comes off the bench.
  • You’ll never guess who was two points away from tying Mayo as leading scorer; here’s a hint: he’s famous for his posterization of failed 1999 Knicks draft pick, and guy I never want to speak of again, Frederic Weis, in the 2000 Summer Olympics. Vince Carter? Final answer? Well, guess what… you’re right! That kinda gave it away, but you can’t dispute with the facts. Vince Carter, out of all people, scored 25 points. He was also one of those pesky culprits from the perimeter shooting 5-10 from three. Jae FariedGriffin III Crowder joined Mayo and Carter on the three bombardment, contributing 3-5 shots from three. Crowder ended with 12 points. Troy Murphy aka the best ALF doppelgänger out there got the start at power forward. What’s that word I was thinking of? Ah crap, OH! It’s useless! Yeah, ALF didn’t really do anything. I saw him attempting to convert a wide open three, but missed off of the back rim.
  • Defensively, the Knicks were atrociously repugnant, primarily in the second half. I don’t think you can win game by allowing 65 points in a half. That definitely leads to losing. The Knicks have been playing great defense, but this is definitely a game that should escape from everyone’s memory on the defensive end.
  • Somewhere, Steve Novak was lurking in the woods. He ambushed the Mavericks defense with his lone three point shot in the most cramped corner space possible, but the Mavericks charged right back at Novak, taking advantage of Novak’s defensive liabilities.

For the first time this season, the Knicks lost back-to-back games, halting their record at 8-2 after the first 10 games. Will the Knicks bounce back from this? Absolutely, considering the comeback efforts that have been displayed in tonight’s game, and in the game against San Antonio. Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all! I’m thankful for so many things, but one thing I’m really gonna be thankful for is the tryptophan kicking in my system before somebody mentions politics or religion (my uncles/cousins are always, and I mean ALWAYS, the instigators). Oh, and don’t get trampled over by maniacal, loony sons of bitches on Black Friday. I tried it once at a Best Buy. I literally ran in like I was on a 2 on 1 fastbreak opportunity, but I was flagrant fouled at the Palace of Best Buy, resulting in multiple bruises on my legs and even my forehead. Arrests were made. Instead, just wait for Cyber Monday, cause would you rather get killed or stay alive? Hmm… I would want to stay alive. The Bee Gees would agree with me too. Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone! Stuff up on that turkey and stuffing!


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