Useless Postseason Game Recap Celtics 109 Knicks 98

Sorry for the late post, y’all. I was having a hard time recovering from the stomach-punch that was the Knick loss to the Celtics last night. Blowing a 20 point lead in a preseason game to those bastard Boston Celtics does that to me sometimes. I take solace, however,  in knowing that this was probably the most pointless game of the season. Below are some rambling notes:

  • The Knicks rested Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler and Amar’e Stoudemire. Melo and Tyson didn’t play because Woodson simply wanted to give them rest and avoid the preseason back-to-back (What’s that about anyway?) while STAT’s issues are a bit more serious. Get better, big fella.
  • Disappointing night from Jason Kidd, who continued giving the team absolutely nothing. Wait, what? He didn’t play either? I didn’t notice. I’m sure he was veteran-leadershipping (Veteran-Leadershipping is the newest option offered by UPS. It’s a tad more expensive, and involves Jason Kidd delivering the package to your house. Instead of leaving it at the door, however, Kidd throws the package through your window and drives the UPS truck into your house.) the young guys from the bench.
  • And how bout’ those young guys?!? Well, not much actually. With the exception to Chris Copelandofthelost, the various players gunning for a roster spot played pretty poorly. Copeland, who Clyde referred to as “The Boston Strangler”, had 34 points and 6 rebounds on 11-18 shooting including 3-4 from downtown. It was pretty neat.
  • As for the rest: Mychael Thompson played 38 minutes, shot 3-11 and was absolutely murdered by Jeff Green on this block. Henry Sims played 18 hard minutes, banging down low and picking up a lot of fouls. James White led all players in minutes (45), airballs (infinite), and steals (5). White seems like he can get to the rim with ease, but finishing, especially with his left hand, is a struggle. However, with the Knicks shooting guard situation as cataclysmic as it is now because of all the injuries, White may have to play a role early in the season.
  • Oscar Bellfield (whom I refer to as Belly-field) was an impressive -7 in just 10 minutes. John Shurna didn’t do much better, amassing a -9 rating in just 13 minutes. Yeap, they aren’t very good.
  •  ¡PABLOCURA!, on the other hand, was especially  ¡PABLOCURA!-y. He kept feeding the beast that was Copeland (smart man) and picked up 9 assists. Prigs still can’t really shoot, (0-6 from 3) but I still love him the same. Oh, and I almost forgot: Jason Terry wasn’t please with the way Prigs fouled to stop an easy basket and had some words for the  ¡PABLOCURA! himself. Pablo, being the better man, responded in what I would assume was a brilliant and eloquent comeback, and walked away. You don’t mess with the  ¡PABLOCURA!, Jason.
  • Novak shot some threes, made some threes, ran the floor in an uncoordinated manner, and tried to defend Sullinger on certain post possessions again. That wasn’t too fun.

My overall takeaway from this game was that there was no takeaway. As I wrote earlier, this was the most pointless game the Knicks will play all year. It showed what would happen if Chris Copeland was the feature player on a team that went up against Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger playing heavy minutes. I pray to the basketball gods that Chris Copeland is at no point the feature player on the Knicks. Other than that, everything was like old times. The Knicks totally got screwed by the refs down the stretch and blew a large lead to the Celtics, and the sun set in the west.

That’s all for now. The season is now a mere 11 days away.

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