Preseason Recap Raptors 107 Knicks 88

Guys, the Knicks lost a preseason game. The season is totally over, like, really. Kill everything with fire. Panic mode: ENGAGE. Hold up a second, that’s what Nets fans are saying right now because they lost two preseason games in a row. BOOM. Obviously, I’m just kidding about the Knicks, but it’s funny enough that there are people that are already panicking in preseason form. This is the first time the Knicks faced the new Raptors young gun core, which included my current tall Lithuanian hero, or the other STAT, Jonas Valanciunas (I’m Lithuanian. Screw you, Linas Kleiza). That other guy that was being made fun of because of his execrable jump shot last season, particularly from beyond the arc, and just in general, Landry Fields, faced his former team for the first time as well. In case you didn’t watch this game, you didn’t really miss anything new. Actually, you did miss something important. This important thing I’m talking about is Amare’s preseason debut. Oh wait, I forgot! There’s another VERY substantial occurrence you also missed. Kurt Thomas was tagged with a technical foul. Ah ha! That’s what I was thinking about all this time! Anyways, here are some more notes:

  • As I just mentioned, Amare Stoudemire made his preseason debut after being out for the first two preseason games with soreness. His new and improved post game that he had worked on with Hakeem Olajuwon over the summer didn’t really appear that much in the game, but when it did, it was mediocre. Watching Amare’s post game was like watching a Milli Vanilli music video. It seemed like he was predetermining himself more than performing fluid natural movements. Since Amare only displayed his new post game approximately 2 times, I’ll let it slide. On one of Amare’s post possessions, he performed a beautiful spin move to the basket, which was then rejected by Jonas Valanciunas. I know Amare’s post game can improve. Again, being judgmental over preseason games is like saying you can drive a car with an empty oil tank.  There were flashes of Amare’s mid-range game from his inaugural 2010-11 season, which made me very jubilant because that was one of his offensive staples back in the 2010-11 season. I’m not worried about Amare right now. I think he’ll be fine. After all, he ended up going 8-11 from the field scoring 18 points.
  • As usual, Melo was off to a slow start. Shockingly, in the 1st quarter, Melo was called for a travel. A rarity? Yes, indeed. Although he finished with 24 points, Melo went 0-7 from the perimeter, missing mostly wide open attempts received from Raymond Felton and…PRIGS. Then Melo got lazy and went iso Melo. Despite all of that, his involvement in fantastic team ball movement sequences were key. Also, Melo connected with Amare on a pick and roll in the first half. It wasn’t really pretty, but it was better than nothing.
  • Raymond Felton committed 6 turnovers, 4 of them being in the first half and dished 4 assists. Prior to tonight’s game, Felton only turned the ball over twice. But aside from all of the negatives, Ray had a couple of nice sharp aggressive drives to the hoop including a nifty reverse layup in the 4th quarter.
  • Tyson Chandler was out of the picture. Free throw shooting woes were looming over him, as he went 2-8 from the charity stripe. You’re still the minister of the defense, Tyson.
  • In the second quarter, Kurt Thomas performed one of the most epic tip-ins ever. As I mentioned in the first paragraph above, Crazy Eye Kurt still has the fire inside him after being tagged with a technical foul in the 3rd quarter after an outburst. Vintage, ruthless Kurt. Hilarity ensued where refs were reviewing a Thomas clear path foul on DeMar DeRozan. I went to the bathroom, and by the time I got out, which took me about 5 minutes, the call was still under review. Apparently, reviewing clear path fouls in a preseason game is a big deal.
  • Landry Fields threw up a brick assist to Andrea Bargnani, and in the 4th quarter, he threw a behind-the-back pass to DeMar DeRozan in a 2 on 1 fastbreak. His girlfriend is still hotter than his jump shot, though, and always will be (tee hee hee).
  • Mike Breen pronounced Novak as “No-Vock” and if you sound out “No-Vock” yourself, you sound like Ivan Drago.
  • Jason Kidd was actually not that bad. His extra swing passes on the perimeter were lightning quick, which led to open threes. Kidd also hit Pablo Prigioni on a marvelous backdoor cut. Kidd may have been good on the offensive end, but on the defensive end, he was absolutely obliterated. On one play, Alan Anderson mesmerized Kidd with an awesome hop step drive to the basket. Kidd’s BAC level was more than twice the legal limit at the time of the incident.
  • Once again, Pablo Prigioni reigned supreme over Jason Kidd. Prigioni ran the pick and roll and exploded on defense in the 4th quarter. I haven’t seen a Prigioni-Amare pick and roll synergy yet, but when it happens, man, it’s gonna be totally awesome. I might be getting a Prigs jersey in the future.
  • Chris Mullin was talking to Tina Cervasio on the sidelines about the Knicks offseason acquisitions during the 4th quarter and called Pablo Prigioni “Pieroni.” When Mullin said it with his heavy New York accent, I was laughing hysterically. Love you, Chris.
  • James White had flashes of defensive brilliance throughout the game. He assisted Tyson Chandler on the double team numerous times. Picture James White as that decent swingman that can provide you on the defensive end. “Flight” White, baby.
  • The man that’s likely to get a roster spot because of his excellence in the preseason game prior to tonight’s game, Chris Copeland, was pretty quiet tonight. Check that. On the defensive end, he was excellent. Whenever he touched the ball, I went bonkers because for some odd reason, he’s really awesome to me. I even posted three tweets in a row with his name mentioned in them.
  • Steve Novak hit a couple of threes, and one of them was so mind blowing, it was out of this world.
  • Walt Frazier was his usual self asking Mike Breen if he had any plans for dinner.
  • Mychel Thompson played a minute and had a -6. He should of had one assist, but guess who ditched that assist by throwing it out in a dumpster? John Shurna.
  • And speaking of John Shurna, actually, you know what? Screw him.

Yeah, the season is over, guys and gals. Tank the season. Hang up your Knicks jerseys, custom T-Shirts and jerseys in the season. We lost a damn preseason game. TRAID everyone (not really). The Knicks rematch the Celtics tomorrow night. Will Fab Melo or Jared Sullinger post up Amare and or Tyson Chandler and succeed in doing so? We’ll certainly see tomorrow night.


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