Preseason Recap: Knicks 108-Wizards 101

Tonight, the Knicks went into our nation’s capital to kick off their inaugural preseason game against the Wizards, and after watching this game, although it’s relatively meaningless considering the fact that it is a preseason game, I was impressed with the new look Knicks; new look as in the brand spanking new jerseys. The jerseys are pretty sleek, sexy, and just plain awesome, except the jersey piping, which makes me want to smash something (I’ll admit it, the “sexy” part is just a filler, but still, the jerseys are still pretty hot, yo). The Knicks scored 38 points in the first quarter (!)  off of 11 assists. That being said, ball movement played an important role in this game– especially from my main man Raymond Felton. The second quarter was filled with loads of boredom until the Knicks finally broke the Wizards 18-0 run with 4:23 remaining in the second quarter. This game pretty much stayed close until the fourth quarter.

Here are some other notes:

  • My favorite part of this whole game was seeing Raymond Felton’s return to the Knicks. Overall, it was a success. He certainly looked like he was in great shape. He drove to the basket aggressively, as well as distributing the ball very efficiently. Felton increased the offensive tempo, and erupted off the dribble and, *drum roll…in isolation situations. On one possession, Felton isolated while the time ran out in the second quarter and exploded on a drive to the basket/cupcake and got an and-one as the end result. In the end, Felton dished 8 assists and only committed one turnover. Glorious. I really can’t wait to see him come regular season time. Keep it up, Ray.
  • J.R Smith finished only one point behind Steve Novak for leading scorer. I was surprised he didn’t Instagram Earl Barron’s face after he hit that one jumper over him (did i just say Earl Barron’s name? Yes, yes I did. And he’s making a derp face in the photo above while Jason Kidd looks drunk). J.R did J.R things.
  • At one point in the game, Melo used his 2012 Olympic basketball catch-and-shoot ability, and Melo was playing smart basketball by passing the ball out of double teams, unlike constantly taking crappy contested iso shots. Melo was missing on the milk carton in the second half, but whatever. There’s more Melo to come.
  • Tyson Chandler was already tagged with a technical foul. Beware, all other 29 NBA teams. Tyson will be putting the smackdown on all of you.  And the refs as well, BEWARE.
  • Surprisingly, Kurt Thomas got a starting role at power forward playing for a sore Amare Stoudemire. Early in the first quarter, Thomas was actually turning on by hitting a  jumper. Then after about 5 minutes, Thomas got dehydrated, needed a cold shower, and needed some Gatorade, probably. Glad to have you back, Kurt.
  • Jason Kidd was charged with a PWI (playing while intoxicated), well, sort of. Kidd played alright. I didn’t expect a whole lot from him. His defense was on the decent side, along with his subpar offense hitting his only spot up 3 in the first quarter.
  • I heard stuff about Chris Copeland playing well in the Summer League last summer. When Copeland first entered the game, I thought he was a hybrid doppelganger of Jordan Hill and Nene. In the end, his playing style is very far from both Hill and Nene’s. Copeland did stuff from the perimeter, and that’s about it. Yup.
  • Steve Novak sedated the Wizards with intravenous doses of Novakaine from downtown going 7-7 from beyond the arc as the team leading scorer scoring 21 points. He should of remained perfect from the field throughout the whole game, but he went into full on YOLO mode by chucking up a monstrosity of a running floater that was a two-pointer aka the bloater floater. Other than that, Stevie N reminisced his old self from last year. Also, “Steve Novak” was trending on Twitter. Having your name trending during a preseason game is pretty impressive.
  • John Shurna wearing Bernard King’s #30 makes me want to slash my neighbor’s car tires, and it makes me want to buy a John Shurna jersey so I can have both Knick jerseys with the #30 in my exquisite wardrobe. Yes, those two statements absolutely contradict themselves, but a guy with a legend’s number on, which, by the way, should be retired, is pretty scary, especially with Shurna’s jump shot, which is perhaps the heftiest pile of horse shit I’ve ever seen. Good job, good effort anyways, John Shurna.
  • Pablo Prigioni aka The Maestro, Prigs, and the 35 year old rookie Argentinean, not the 35 year old Italian (I’m bashing on you, Michael Wilbon, for saying that he was the 35 year old Italian on a “Pardon The Interruption” episode) had an abhorrent start, but picked up his pace in the latter part of the game by hitting some late threes. It seems like Prigs is gonna be a pretty good floor spacer after watching his debut.
  • Mike Bibby, wait, I mean Mychel Thompson (shit, I’ll be getting confused with the #20 this season. Actually, not really) was mediocre. He missed a couple of corner threes from the same spot, one of them being a spot up wide open three. Whatever. It’s Mychel Thompson. He’s a random newbie reserve and not his father Mychal Thompson, a member of the “Showtime” Lakers and the Blazers. Poop.

One last thing, but this is about the Wizards; Bradley Beal was the real deal this game scoring 15 points, grabbing 5 rebounds, and dishing 5 assists. Besides John Henson (YOU SHOULDA PICKED HIM INSTEAD OF ANDRE DRUMMOND, DETROIT. YOU’RE GONNA REGRET IT LATER) and Kendall Marshall, Beal was my favorite pick in this year’s draft. I loved him at Florida and I will continue to adore him throughout the preseason and when the regular season starts. If I had NBA League Pass, the Wizards would be one of my five teams I would pick to watch because of Beal.  Anyways, the Knicks face the Celtics this upcoming Saturday in Connecticut for whatever reason. I guess the Long Island Sound is a very beautiful body of water to swim/row across. I don’t know. Swim or row across it while you’re at it, John Shurna.


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