Mock Draft 1.01

1. New Orleans: Anthony Davis F, Kentucky: No explanation needed. NBA star in the making. Defensive game like Camby, offensive game similar to Garnett.

2. Charlotte: Brad Beal G, Florida: I think this pick goes to the Cavs for picks #4 and #24. They pair Beal up with Kyrie Irving and make the playoffs for years to come.

3. Washington: Harrison Barnes F, North Carolina. The third best player in the draft is Michael Kidd Gilchrist, but Washington needs some offense and I think they take Barnes, who is a more developed offensive threat than the aforementioned Gilchrist.

4. Cleveland: Thomas Robinson F, Kansas. This is really Charlotte’s selection, I think they take Robinson to give them some toughness down low.

5. Sacramento: Andre Drummond C, Connecticut. Drummond is pretty raw offensively, but they don’t make a lot of guys this size. Drummond has the potential to be an elite defensive center. If he panned out to be a stud, he’d be a perfect fit next to power forward DeMarcus Cousins.

6. Portland: Damian Lillard G, Weber State. Portland needs a point guard. Lillard is a good one. With Drummond off the board, I think it’s an easy pick for Portland

7. Golden State: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist F, Kentucky. I think the Warriors get an absolute steal here. Gilchrist slides because of lack of need in picks 1-6. Warriors get a great defensive wing who would be a near-perfect fit.

8. Toronto: Dion Waiters G, Syracuse. I’m not all that sure why people are huge on Waiters. He’s quick and can get to the rim, but I never thought he was really all that great.

9. Detroit: John Henson F, North Carolina. All signs point to a big man and Henson would be the best big man on the board at this point. I don’t know how well he meshes with Greg Monroe, but I think Detroit takes him anyways.

10. New Orleans: Austin Rivers G, Duke. I think there’s a good chance Boston moves up to this pick to take Rivers, but lets assume they don’t. New Orleans likes Rivers, they think he can play point guard next to Eric Gordon. I don’t agree and I don’t like Rivers as a prospect.

Dammit, I ran out of time… Quick I’ll talk about the Knicks!!

At 48, I’d love to see the Knicks get Darius Johnson-Odom out of Marquette. Johnson-Odom is a tough, gritty defender and really can shoot the ball well. If he’s not there, I think small forwards Khris Middleton from Texas A&M and Jae Crowder from Marquette will be in the mix, as well as sharp shooters Kim English from Missouri and Doron Lamb from Kentucky.

The Knicks need shooting guards who can actually shoot the ball (sorry, Landry). I think that has to be their priority in this draft. They also need help at backup point guard, and backup small forward. A developmental center behind Tyson Chandler wouldn’t hurt either.

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