Pablo Prigioni Highlights (Video)

The Knicks are in talks to sign 35 year old Argentinian point guard Pablo Prigioni. New York has been trying for quite a while to bring in Prigioni, due to his success as arguably the Euro League’s best point guard.

Admittedly I don’t know a ton about Prigioni. I know that he’s got good size for a point guard (6’3) and is great in the pick and roll. Who knows how he’ll fit into Woodson’s iso-centric offense, were he to sign with the Knicks. His nickname is Europe is “The Maestro” and he has a propensity to hit clutch shots. That’s always good to have.

I took to youtube to find some highlights from other games I liked what he saw. I think he would have been a better fit under D’Antoni, but I still like the way he plays. Enjoy

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