Chaos: Stoudemire Punches a Fire Extinguisher

According to all 7000 media outlets that cover the NBA, Amar’e Stoudemire lacerated his left hand by punching a fire extinguisher in the Knicks locker room. To clarify, apparently Stoudemire punched the glass that encases the actual fire extinguisher. There is nothing to indicate that Stoudemire was fighting another teammate, but I would not rule anything out. Complete and utter chaos.

Tyson Chandler has since come out and said he believes Stoudemire will miss the rest of the series. The rest of the Knicks all said “no comment” to the media, except for JR Smith who said that he saw Stoudemire get stitches on his hand.

Interestingly, I wonder what this means for Stoudemire’s contract status. It would take somebody with inner knowledge of Stoudemire’s contract to answer this, but I wonder if what he did is a voidable offense? Could Stoudemire have just voided his contract, or given the Knicks that option? If so, I’d fully expect them to consider cutting ties with Stoudemire. I wouldn’t bet that anything happens, but you never know. It is definitely something to keep your eye on…


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