Knicks Get Annihilated In Game One

Game 1 was just as bad as it looked on the stat sheet. Miami’s 100-67 victory was just as dominant as it sounds. Before I discuss the Knicks game 1 ineptitude, let me say this about the NBA officiating. The Knicks would have lost this game even if it was fairly called. The officials were not the reason New York lost this game. They didn’t defend, they didn’t shoot well, they didn’t attack the Heat. They deserved to lose. However, that game was not officiated correctly. For LeBron to shoot more first half free throws than the entire Knick team is ridiculous. Tyson Chandler’s flagrant foul was very not flagrant. Was it a foul? Yes. Was it flagrant worthy? Absolutely not. The officiating took a bad Knick performance and made it ten times worse. The NBA should be embarrassed by the performance those officials today.

However, the Knicks were absolutely horrible today. Mike Woodson’s offense was plain, unable to adjust and utterly ineffective. They looked lost and they didn’t hit shots. Melo was horrible. Amar’e didn’t get the ball enough to even make an impact. Baron Davis was the best offensive Knick today. That’s embarrassing. Defensively, the Knicks didn’t show up either. It was an overall depressing loss. To make matters worse, Iman Shumpert injured his knee in the 3rd quarter. I’m no doctor, but it looked to me like he blew out his knee. Let’s hope that isn’t the case.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • Great offense, Woodson. Do you all see why I said wait to re-sign Woodson? His offense SUCKED today. Obviously it is only one game, but I question Woodson’s ability to adjust. Albert Einstein once said “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Today, Mike Woodson was insane. Somehow, the Knicks were unable to figure out how to defeat the Heat fronting Carmelo Anthony. Fronting is one of the more basic defensive techniques, and the Knicks seemed completely flabbergasted by the fact that Miami was doing it. Instead of going elsewhere with the ball or deliver Anthony with a crisp pass, the Knick entry passers instead thought airmailing the ball over his head for turnovers was a more feasible offensive idea. More insane than the fact that the Knicks couldn’t deliver him the ball, was the fact that Mike Woodson continually called the same set over and over and over again. As a result, the Knicks scored 31 first half points.
  • Tyson Chandler was not himself. He clearly felt the effects of having the flu and was a total non-impact. Chandler gave a strong effort, he just was not able to make the usual impact that he normally would. His struggles were a big part of the Knick defense being poor today.
  • Great game, Melo. In the Knicks biggest game to date, Melo had probably his worst game of the season. He started the game 0/7 shooting and finished 3/15 for the game. Defensively, he did a very poor job guarding LeBron James. This is another reason I’m not a huge Mike Woodson guy. When Melo struggled today, the Knicks struggled. The Knicks were unable to run sets that allowed them to manufacture baskets. There was too much isolation early in the game and Anthony was unable to get in rhythm. Obviously, Melo has to be the focal point of this offense. However, when he struggles, the offense should not fall apart. Woodson was unable to get the Knicks consistent shots off screens and cuts to the basket. Melo should have played better, but I also blame Woodson.
  • The Knicks inconsistency is going to do them in. It reared it’s ugly head today. This team is too inconsistent to defeat this Miami team. They rely too much on jump shooting, and when they don’t shoot well they suck. Today, the Knicks shot the ball very poorly. They hit just 7/21 from downtown and shot 35% overall. Without their hot shooting stroke, the Knicks were completely unable to produce anything offensively. Their pick and rolls were ineffective. They didn’t run any screens. They didn’t cut to the basket. They didn’t do anything. New York only tried to shoot jump shots and they failed miserably.
  • Here are some tweets from the game that I agreed with:


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