Notes From the Knicks 104-95 Victory Over the Nets

Good riddance, New Jersey!

In their last ever game at the Prudential Center, the Knicks defeated the New Jersey Nets 104-95. In typical Knick fashion, the ‘Bockers got off to a hot start only to let New Jersey back into the game in the 3rd quarter. New York survived their 3rd quarter woes and pulled away late in the 4th quarter. Carmelo Anthony was red hot in the first quarter, scoring 21 points on 8/10 shooting. Tyson Chandler chipped in with a solid 18 point, 10 rebound performance. It wasn’t a perfect game for the Knicks, but they were good enough to win. New Jersey was shorthanded and the Knicks took care of business. I’m not jumping off the walls about this one, but it was a solid win for our Knicks.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • Good lord, Melo. Carmelo Anthony was absolutely fantastic in the first quarter of this game. His first layup hit more rim then the other 7 of this made shots in that quarter.  He couldn’t miss from downtown, shooting 4/4 from outside the arc in the quarter. Anthony finished the game with 33 points on 11/21 shooting. I think he tired out a bit as the game went on. New Jersey also did a better job of defending Anthony, occasionally throwing a double team his way. I thought Anthony also played well defensively. He had a monster block (and possibly a foul) on ex-Toronto flameout Sundiata Gaines. I loved Anthony’s energy early in the game and I think he just kind of put it on cruise control to finish out the game.
  • Steve Novak and JR Smith cooled down from Tuesday’s firestorm. It was to be expected, but Novak and Smith weren’t nearly the 3 point shooting dynamos they were against Boston. They combined to shoot 6/17 from downtown. I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t shoot the ball well tonight. They aren’t going to shoot 15/20 from downtown every game. I’m not taking too much from this game. I didn’t think either player played poorly, they just were eh on the night. No big deal though! No more New Jersey!
  • The corpse of Mike Bibby played a decent game tonight. He did some nice things offensively. He shot just 3/10, but he dished 8 assists and turned the ball over just once. Defensively, he was quite corpsey (I know that isn’t a word). There were times were Sundiata Gaines ran circles around him. Bibby is never going to be good defensively, and I know the Nets suck, but I thought he did some nice things tonight.
  • I don’t like that the Knicks had another 3rd quarter lull. They’ve been awful in 3rd quarters all season. As of late, they have been better, but tonight was a step in the wrong direction. Now, I understand they were playing the Nets on a back-to-back, but it doesn’t matter. The Nets flat out suck. They’re horrible. The Knicks should have come out of the locker room and beaten them into submission. Instead, they started turning the ball over and taking bad shots and let the Nets right back into the game. I won’t freak out about it, because a win is a win, but this is a problem the Knicks have to fix. They won’t be so lucky if they do this against the Heat…
  • My main man (sarcasm) Billy the kid Walker played tonight! As I expected, he was pretty bad. Within his first 12 seconds of playing time, he fouled a jump shooter. I slapped my forehead, but also let out a small chuckle.
  • It was nice to see Jerome Jordan back up with the Knicks. I’d be lying to you if I said I had any idea what happened in the D-League playoffs, but I assume Erie lost. Jordan was then brought back up to the ‘Bockers and played some Jordan time minutes tonight. I was impressed with Jordan’s camouflage ability that induced the Nets 2nd stringers to leave him completely uncovered for a late 4th quarter dunk. You go, Jerome!
  • Toney Douglas still sucks.
  • Tyson Chandler still rocks.
  • Baron Davis was still sick.
  • Josh Harrellson somehow got a black eye.
  • Mike Bibby was a +18.
  • Iman Shumpert rocks too.
  • I still procrastinate too much on my English essays and Knicks post games.
  • Night folks!
  • … or morning to some folks!

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