Notes From the Knicks 103-65 Dismantling of the Generals

The score was Knicks 103 Generals 65. Do I even need to say more?

New York was pretty good, while Washington was pathetic in both effort and execution. The Generals were completely inept on both sides of the ball, and the final score backs up that sentiment. Washington’s excuse for an NBA team shot an abysmal 27.8% from the field. That was not a typo. They also shot just 4/20 from downtown and decided that defense wasn’t important either. New York shot a whooping 14/29 from downtown and shot 46.4% on the night. Baron Davis gave himself a sweet birthday gift with an efficient 7/9 shooting 18 point performance. I could stop right now by saying that everyone on the Knicks was good, while everyone on the Wizards sucked, but I’ll take the time to go into more detail.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • The Generals are absolute garbage. Without Nene in the lineup, they couldn’t do anything well offensively. They had about 6 air balls in the game and had a 12 MINUTE stretch in which they didn’t make a basket. From the 7:02 mark of the 3rd quarter to the 6:43 mark of the 4th quarter, the Generals were unable to get a single field goal. To their credit, they did get 3 points off free throws. Jordan Crawford did his best Knicks-era Al Harrington impersonation tonight. He seemed to have no concept of passing the ball and shot brick after brick after brick after… you get the point. Crawford was a solid -32 on the night. Jan Vessely and Chris Singleton were 0/7 shooting combined. Their flailing attempts to hit wide open jump shots made me laugh myself silly. Who said that Singleton should have been drafted over Shumpert? WAS IT YOU, STEPHEN A SMITH!?! What a joke! Singleton is long and athletic, but he isn’t half the player that Shumpert is. Melo dismantled him, as well as the other crappy Singleton the Generals have. John Wall doesn’t do much for me. Sure, he’s talented and lightening fast, but he’s nothing else. He doesn’t shoot very well and he seemingly has no idea how to run an offense. Not to say that he can’t learn, but he’s very raw and very mediocre, in my opinion. I feel bad for Randy Whitman. @Netw3rk had a great tweet about Whitman tonight.

  • I’ve determined that Steve Novak is some sort of Jedi. I think I may even write a full post about this tomorrow. Stay tuned…
  • The Knicks offense was pretty solid. Against a mirage of General defenders, the Knicks were pretty good offensively. They could have been better, but who’s complaining? Melo was Melo, dismantling the plethora of Singletons trying to stop him and JR Smith was pretty chic. Earl has been shooting the ball better as of late, 41% from downtown over his past 5 games, which is a great sign for the Knicks. The Generals defense was so invisible that the corpse of Mike Bibby even hit some shots. Bibbster was 2/4 from downtown, which made me pretty happy. More amazing than Bibby contributing, Baron Davis played well. On his 345th 34th birthday, Davis hit 4/5 from downtown and scored 18 points. I understand that he was playing against a bunch of mannequins, but I still liked the way he shot the ball tonight. He also wants to wish everyone a happy birthday!

  • It was somewhat nice to see Meloship favorite Roger Mason back with at the Garden. I’ve always liked Money Mase and I always remember his days with the Spurs when he was a pretty solid outside shooter. I felt bad for him today. The Generals didn’t run much of an offense and Mason just had to throw up a bunch of three’s. I wouldn’t mind seeing Mason back with the Knicks next year as a 3rd string guard on a vet minimum deal. I think Mason is a solid locker room guy and I actually liked his on court play late in the season last year. How u?
  • Toney Douglas played 9 minutes. Thats about all I have to say about that.
  • Jared Jeffries played 5 minutes. I like that. There was no reason to work out his bad knee in a game that the Knicks could have won blindfolded. Good move, Woody.
  • On a serious note, Iman Shumpert rolled his ankle in the second half of the game. It didn’t look too bad, but his status is questionable for Sunday. Don’t believe me? Well believe Alan Hahn.

  • I really hate the Generals, if you couldn’t tell. My roommate, who I also hate, is from the DC area, so I just completely get annoyed by anything that has to do from that place. Doesn’t mean I dislike any of my followers or readers from that area! Don’t get the wrong idea! As soon as the school year is over, I’ll probably have no opinion on DC or its sports teams, if you want to call them that in the Generals case, but for the time being I really hate the Generals.
  • Watch this gem of a Nike Commercial. Its one of my favorites:
  • Everyone have a good Saturday, and get ready for the Heat on Sunday.

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