Notes From the Knicks 98-86 Loss to Chicago

The Knicks were pretty flat tonight. There just isn’t much to say. They didn’t shoot well and the Bulls played like… well, the Bulls. Chicago defended and rebounded while the Knicks offense flailed, especially in the 2nd quarter where they scored a grand total of 10 points. Group the Knicks lack of shooting with some poor officiating and you have a big fat loss.

You can’t win them all. In the big scheme of things, a 1-1 split with the Bulls isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, the Knicks have some glaring issues that must be adressed. If you don’t like negative writing, don’t read this post. I’ve seen some things I don’t like and I’m going to address them in this post.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • Baron Davis is a JOKE of a starting point guard. This is getting ridiculous. We gave Baron a pass for his awful first month with the Knicks. He hadn’t played, he was rusty, he needed time. Fine. He’s had time. He’s had opportunity. He sucks. He flat out sucks. Watching him fumble and stumble his way around the court is the most frustrating thing. Not only are Davis’ skills diminishing, but so is his decision making. Some of Davis’ decision making can only be accurately labeled as foolish, asinine and detrimental. I mean, how many times does he drive into triple teams and either throw the ball of Chandler’s arm or shoot a complete brick? He’s horrible. My eyes don’t lie because he’s horrible statistically as well. Davis is shooting a fine 30% for his last 5 games. He’s averaging just 5.4 points per game and 4.9 assists on the season. He’s completely and utterly useless and when he decides to go into Washinton General mode, he becomes a detriment to the team. Davis’ pathetic 9.99 PER ranks 53rd in the league among point guards. In terms of PER, Davis rates out worse than Jannero Pargo, Bassy Telfair, Jamaal Tinsley and Brandon Knight. Unfortunately for the Knicks, Davis is New York’s best active point guard…
  • Why can’t Toney Douglas do ANYTHING? I have no idea what happened to Douglas. He may have a shoulder problem or some personal stuff, but I don’t care. Persevere man. Be a professional. Don’t be Lamar Odom and make a joke of yourself. Toney Douglas was a pretty solid player last season. Sure, he’s not a great point guard, but at least he was defending and shooting the ball well. In fact, he shot the ball mighty well last season. He’s done 0 positive things so far this season. He has the 4th worst PER, 6.60, of any point guard in the NBA. Sadly, Bibby is even worse than that at 5.82. Anyways, Douglas was awful tonight. Even Mike Woodson called him out, basically saying he failed miserably to run the team decently. I agree with him. Toney Douglas entered the game at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. The Knicks proceeded to score 10 POINTS in the entire quarter. In 7 minutes of disgustingly bad play, Douglas was 0/3 shooting, dished 0 assists and was a -11 in +/-. He was utterly useless and he killed the momentum the Knicks had going into the second. Thanks for nothing, Toney.
  • Oh JR, what the hell is wrong with you? Yea, you can dispute me a tiny bit on this one. He wasn’t as awful tonight, 6/13 shooting 14 points, but he wasn’t good and he hasn’t been consistently productive with the Knicks. Without Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, the Knick offense must play more efficient and take better shots. Those are two concepts that JR Smith knows absolutely nothing about. Smith takes some of the worst shots I have ever seen, none worse than the ill advised 3 pointer he took with about 1:30 left in the game. The Knicks needed something on that possession to maybe keep hope alive, and Smith thought it would be a good idea to shoot a 30 footer while fading away with a guy in his face. I know that you take the “bad” with the “good” when you’re dealing with JR Smith. The problem is that the Knicks rarely get any “good” from the guy. I do like JR, I really do, but he needs to start playing better. He’s been consistently bad, which is not what the Knicks need.
  • The Knicks still didn’t rebound well tonight. Playing small ball against the Bulls has both bonuses and detriments. One bonus is that the Knicks can attack the defensive ineptitude of Carlos Boozer more easily. I demonstrated some of these bonuses yesterday in a post about Carmelo Anthony playing the 4. Lets talk about the negatives. With the small lineup, the Knicks have one less “big man” in the game. Carmelo Anthony is a big man, but he’s not a “big man”. Without the extra “big man” on the floor, the Knicks have one less big body to help rebound. Couple that with some lazy boxing out, and the Knicks got destroyed on the boards tonight. Again. Even in their Easter victory, the Knicks gave up 18 offensive rebounds. Tonight, they again gave up 18 offensive rebounds. This time, the Knicks were unable to overcome all the offensive boards and they lost largely because of them. I do like how the Knicks can match up with Chicago offensively, but I am deathly worried about the Knicks lack of strength rebounding the ball defensively. Chandler does it, 31 rebounds in the past 2 games, but they Knicks don’t have any other dominant rebounders. This will be a problem moving forward, but the Knicks will just have to make up for it shooting the ball. I guess.
  • Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler were both fantastic tonight. I’m in no mood for praising Knicks players, but these guys do deserve a bit. I thought Anthony was very good offensively and Chandler played well enough to win. Anthony’s 29 points on an efficient 11/19 shooting kept the Knicks offense afloat throughout the game. Chandler’s 15 rebounds were paramount in keeping the Knicks from being rebounded out of the building (sort of). My hat is off to these guys, while a select one of my fingers is up to everyone else on the team.
  • Don’t do this to me, Steve. Mr. Novak is 0/8 in the past two games. This is NOT the time for Novak to get in a shooting slump. It never is, but especially not now. The Knicks need their sharp shooter to contribute 9-15 points every game and right now, he’s looking like a 6’10 Mike Bibby. Novak is a great shooter, so I’m not worried, but he better start hitting. If he has another game like this, then I will be very worried. If he has another game like this, you should be worried too.
  • Upon request from our good friend @NewYorkDanm, I will not spare Bill Walker in my criticisms tonight. Sick 8.28 PER, Bill. That means you rank 73rd among all shooting guards. Why are you so useless? The only thing you can do is shoot 3’s, but you’re not good enough at it to offset the rest of your inept game. Actually, what am I talking about? You’re not even good at hitting 3’s this season. Your 32% 3 point shooting is pathetic. You’re supposed to be a 3 point shooter. If not for that game in Miami, in which you were banking in 3’s, you’d be shooting in the 20 percentile. THAT SUCKS. Your defense is pretty awful too. You move laterally like a god damn Snorlax! You have no quickness and you couldn’t stay in front of me. I strongly dislike you, Bill Walker. I think you bring very little to the floor and I think you are a borderline NBA player at best. Sorry Billy, it is the truth. I applaud you for coming back from a knee injury, but I don’t applaud your 39% shooting. To your credit, you’re probably the best garbage time player in the league. You showcased that nicely tonight by driving the ball strongly to the hoop to pad your stats with 5 seconds left in the game. Way to go, Bill. You proved that you can get to the rim while the defense is looking for girls in the stands while picking their asses. You rock, Bill! Just kidding. You suck! Have a good one!
  • And Jon Barry sucks too.

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