Notes From the Knicks 101-79 Victory Over Detroit

The Knicks have absolutely dismantled Lawrence Frank’s Detroit Pistons this year. The Knicks are 3-0 against Detroit and have outscored the Pistons by 72 points. New York was pretty sloppy tonight, but shot well and defended well en route to a blowout victory. The Knicks shot 48.7% from the field and out rebounded the Pistons by 24 on the night. Tyson Chandler led the Knicks to victory with 15 points and 17 rebounds.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • Carmelo Anthony is so off right now. It’s a great sign that the Knicks are still winning games despite their “star” player struggling. He’s been horrid all year, which has been a big part of the Knicks 24-25 record. There must be a problem with Anthony, mental or physical, because he has been absolutely atrocious lately. His jump shot looks like something I’d throw up at the rec center on a Tuesday night. He shot 1/7 in the first half. In the second half, the Knicks worked to get Anthony posted up on the block and tried to get him shots inside. That is what Anthony must do until he can find his jump shot. He is totally out of rhythm and even admitted that after last night’s game

“I don’t have a rhythm right now. I guess that’s going to come with extra shots, treatment, getting to the gym early. The rhythm comes and goes. If anyone finds my rhythm, I’ll take it.’’ – Carmelo Anthony

  • Tyson Chandler is a beast. Pistons center Greg Monroe is one of the league’s up and coming big men. Offensively, Monroe has averaged 16.3 ppg and 9.9 rpg. Tonight, Monroe had 12 points and 5 boards. Tyson Chandler had 15 points and a whooping 17 rebounds on the night. Chandler’s dominant rebounding allowed the Knicks to control the glass tonight. One of the big reasons for New York winning so easily tonight was that they controlled the glass. New York out-rebounded Detroit 54-30 overall, including 18-8 on the offensive boards. Amar’e Stoudemire also had a strong game on the boards, grabbing 4 offensive rebounds in 25 minutes. I love Stoudemire’s renewed energy on his rebounding on both ends of the floor. Since Woodson has taken over, Stoudemire has been showing considerably more effort in boxing his guy out and grabbing offensive rebounds.
  • Amar’e Stoudemire is playing at a high level. Stoudemire still has not found his jump shot, but he’s impacting the game in other ways. He’s playing very well defensively and I think his effort on the boards has been outstanding. Stoudemire grabbed 4 offensive boards tonight. With his strength and athleticism, Stoudemire should be grabbing 3-5 offensive boards a game. I still think Stoudemire’s shooting will come around and I’m really encouraged by his effort in other areas of the game.
  • Jeremy Lin had 7 turnovers tonight. DOES THIS MEAN LINSANITY IS DEAD AGAIN? I’m just kidding. I thought Lin played fine. The offense played better with Lin having the ball in his hands **cough, Mike Woodson, cough**. In their loss to Toronto, Woodson decided to take the ball out of Lin’s hands and the team struggled to score. I think the Knicks are best when they run the pick and roll. It allows Lin to penetrate the defense and either shoot, hit the roll man or kick it out to Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith or Steve Novak. I agree that the Knicks could use more situations posting up Anthony, but I would like to see the offense continue to be run through Lin.
  • Yes, I’m going to dedicate 2 full bullet points to Carmelo Anthony. Under Mike Woodson, Anthony’s role has surprisingly diminished. Anthony was unhappy with D’Antoni asking him to sacrifice shots for the good of the team. Woodson has said that he wants to run the offense through Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. I will not get into defending D’Antoni, but I just wonder if Melo regrets what he’s done. Sure, the Knicks are winning now, but they would have won more games if Anthony was giving full effort and energy. He was getting more shot attempts under D’Antoni. Since his return from injury after “Linsanity”, Anthony played 10 games under Mike D’Antoni. He has played 7 games under Mike Woodson. In the 10 games with D’Antoni, Melo had 15+ shot attempts in 7 of those games. In the 7 games with Woodson, Anthony has had 3 games in which he’s shot the ball 15 times. He has shot under 15 times in each of the other 4 games. It will be interesting if Anthony continues to be content with his lessened role or if he begins to turn on Woodson, as he did D’Antoni. Here is a screen shot of Anthony’s past 17 games. Notice how his production has gone down since Woodson took over, starting with the Portland game.

  • Jorts had a great hook shot tonight. It was pretty awesome. I took a video of it because I didn’t find any others online:
  • The Knicks got a bit banged up in this game. Jeremy Lin and Amar’e Stoudemire both went to the locker room in the 3rd quarter. Lin had a sore left knee. He returned later in the game and is fine. Stoudemire felt some tightness in his lower back. When it was reported that Stoudemire had a back issue, I almost went to the bathroom in my athletic shorts, but the discomfort he had tonight was totally unrelated to his back spasms from last year. He said he could have returned if the game was close but he sat out as a precaution. He will play on Monday versus the Bucks. Jared Jeffries is going to be out two weeks with an inflamed knee. That’s a huge loss for the Knicks. Harrellson and Stoudemire will have to pick up the slack on defense, but I think they can do it.

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