Notes From the Knicks 101-79 Victory Over Detroit

The Knicks have absolutely dismantled Lawrence Frank’s Detroit Pistons this year. The Knicks are 3-0 against Detroit and have outscored the Pistons by 72 points. New York was pretty sloppy tonight, but shot well and defended well en route to a blowout victory. The Knicks shot 48.7% from the field and out rebounded the Pistons by 24 on the night. Tyson Chandler led the Knicks to victory with 15 points and 17 rebounds.

Here are my notes from the game: Continue reading

A Defense of Carmelo Anthony (Fanpost)

Two of my friends, Scott McConnell (@scottmcconnell7) and Andy Joss (@andyjoss82) are loyal Melo lovers. They joint wrote this piece about defending Melo. It’s actually pretty good and pretty funny. I think you’ll all enjoy it.

Recently, there have been an abundance of anti-Melo sentiments emanating from the world’s most famous arena. Melo has been accused of being lazy, not playing defense, not sharing the ball, and even not trying. But we are here to defend the man who once brought such joy the people of New York.

When Melo arrived in Madison Square Garden, restored to the city in which he grew up, he was celebrated as royalty. Hailed as the messiah that would return the Knicks to the lofty heights that they once dwelled in familiarity. Once proclaimed by this very blogger to be the “best pure scorer in the league”, those talents still reside in Melo’s able body. The New York media and its faithful must learn patience with Melo, as they have time and time again showed this team throughout the past decade.

Like it or not, Melo is there for a purpose. And like or not, Melo will remain there for that purpose. The low blowing and finger blaming is an attitude worse than any act that Melo has committed. Let our message ring loud and clear: The New York Knicks need Melo to win a championship. Sure there may have been games where his effort looked lackluster, or his defense subpar. But Melo does know how to win a championship. Recall his freshman year at Syracuse and his magical run with the Orange to the championship. The media-created negativity that surrounds the Knicks star is the only true tumor to this team.

We would like to leave this blog with a simple plea: do not bash our star for things that he may or may not have done. Instead celebrate his talents and support him for the fact that the Knick nation will not reach its goal without him. Carmelo Anthony would not be here unless he wanted to be, and Melo will bring titles back to the Garden.
In conclusion, many people think that Melo is the hero that New York deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Fair or not, critics will attack Melo for his perceived shortcomings in those times when the Knicks struggle. That is the heavy baggage that comes with the label of superstar and the accompanying max contract. Whenever the team does not perform up to the high expectations laid out, it is Melo who must take the blame. The media will ravage Melo’s good name in an effort to assign blame for their beloved team’s shortcomings. They attack him, because he is strong, he can shoulder the blame.

Notes From Knicks 96-79 Loss to Raptors/ Knicks-Pistons Game Preview

The above video basically signifies what happened to New York last night. They were in the fight, but then got knocked out in the 3rd quarter and hilariously flailed around the rest of the game. All of the sudden, “Woodyball” isn’t looking so good.

The Knicks previously dynamic Woodson-led offense has looked not so dynamic the past two games. Even in a win over Philadelphia, the number one rated defensive team in the league, the Knicks scored just 82 points and shot just 36%. I can give the Knicks a pass, sort of, for their inept offensive fortitude in that game. I cannot do so for last night’s game. Don’t be fooled, the Knicks shouldn’t have even gotten to 79. Late in the game, Toronto had their backups in (which was a virtual D-League roster) the game which allowed the Knicks to get 79 points. At the 2:33 mark of the 4th quarter, the Knicks had 68 points. That is unacceptable and embarrassing.

I understand that this has just been two bad offensive games, but I think there are some glaring weaknesses that the Knicks must shore up.

In this post, I will address what the Knicks did wrong last night and what they need to do tonight against Detroit. Continue reading