Notes From the Knicks 106-87 Victory Over Toronto

I like the way the Knicks are playing. Lets keep this in perspective though.

Yes, the Knicks are 4-0 since Mike D’Antoni was replaced by Mike Woodson. They are playing very well on both ends of the court, but lets keep some perspective. Toronto is not a good team. They’re 15-31 for a reason. The Knicks dominated Toronto defensively and overwhelmed them offensively, scoring 50 points in the paint. They obliterated the Raptors, as well they should, but there are a few glaring things this team must improve on. Any win is a good win when you’re a 22-24 8th seed, but the Knicks are not out of the woods yet. Continue reading


Melo-D’Antoni Deeper Than It Seems

We are back to where we always are with this year’s version of the New York Knicks, examining Carmelo Anthony.  Outside of a couple week excursion to Linsanity everything has been about Melo, sometimes fair and other times not.

This current situation is in regards to quotes Melo had after practice on Monday that are outlined in this column by Jamie O’Grady

On the surface it’s a simple, cut and dry situation. Carmelo Anthony didn’t play hard under Coach D’Antoni, he should be castrated. If this is the opinion you have its completely fair and difficult to argue. Continue reading

Knicks-Raptors: What to Watch For

Toronto always plays the Knicks tough.

The Raptors may be just 15-30, but they’ll give a strong effort tonight. The Knicks have been surging as of late, now that Carmelo Anthony is trying, having won three straight games. Despite their recent surge, the Knicks are still just the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. They remain only a half game up on the Milwaukee Bucks who added Monta Ellis at the trade deadline.

Make no mistake about it. This is a huge game for the Knicks. Sure, Toronto is not a great team, but the Knicks need wins any way they can get them. Including tonights game, only nine of the Knicks last twenty-one opponents have sub .500 records. Even if the Knicks win all nine games, they’ll still be in trouble in the playoff picture. New York must win at least eight of these nine games, plus some additional games in order to make the playoffs.

Here’s what to watch for: Continue reading