Knicks-Pacers: What to Watch For

It is game three of the Mike Woodson era. Games one and two have been pretty smooth. Don’t expect game three to follow suit.

Indiana is not going to roll over again tonight. I’m not saying New York will lose, but I would be shocked if this game was another Knicks blowout. I expect the Pacers, 25-17, to come out and fight after last night’s embarrassing loss. The 20-24 Knicks must continue to shoot the ball well. I was extremely impressed with New York’s defense last night and I expect the defense to be solid again tonight. However, that is not the key to victory. The Knicks defense has been top 10 all season. If the Knicks can continue their hot shooting, they should move to 3-0 under Woody Woodson. Continue reading

Notes From the Knicks 115-110 Victory Over Indiana

Anyone still think we should have kept Chauncey Billups?

Right now, center Tyson Chandler is the Knicks best and most passionate player. Tonight, his total domination of 7’2 all-star Roy Hibbert set the tone for the Knicks runaway 115-100 victory over the 5th seeded Pacers. The Knick center held the Indiana center to 2/10 shooting and 3 rebounds in 24 minutes. Chandler was spectacular on both ends of the floor; 16 points, 7 boards, 4 blocks. He outplayed and outclassed Hibbert.

Like sneezing, or pouting (cough, cough), playing defense is contagious. One man makes a great defensive play, then the next guy does it and so fourth. Tyson Chandler’s passion on the defensive end of the floor was contagious throughout the entire team tonight. Indiana’s offense was stalled from the get-go and never got going until garbage time. Through three quarters, Indiana scored only 58 points and had two quarters in which they scored less than 20. The ‘Bockers held the haystacks Pacers to just 39% shooting on the night. New York shot 50%. It was a dominating performance on both ends for the Knicks. Continue reading