Notes From Knicks 118-105 Loss to San Antonio

No team is better at making the final score look better than it really was than the New York Knicks.

This could have been a 40 point blowout, but of course the Knicks shot the ball well enough in garbage time to make it look like a semi-competitive game. It wasn’t. Without Tyson Chandler and Jared Jeffries, the Knicks defense looked like a bunch of children separated from their mothers at the street fair. They were lost and confused all night which resulted in San Antonio scoring at will. Tony Parker destroyed the Knicks “defense” all night and finished with 32 points. Melo had 27 but it didn’t matter because the Knicks couldn’t stop anyone. A lot of his points came as the Knicks tried, but failed, to make a monumental comeback. Continue reading