BREAKING: Leaked Klhoe Kardashian Text Messages

Multiple times during last nights game, Klhoe Kardashian was shown texting on MSG Network. On this same morning that Olivia Munn has her messages and photo’s leaked, I received an anonymous email. This email contained leaked text messages from one Klhoe Kardashian from last nights game. Enjoy:

  • A conversation between Klhoe and her sister, Kim. I’m sure you’ve all heard of her.

Klhoe: LOL Kim… Lamar is SO bad

Kim: lol…. that sucks

Khloe: Ya. Who’s that number 7 on the Knicks? He’s pretty cute

Kim: Carmelo?

Khloe: Ya!! I should hook up with him…

Kim: Whatt?

Khloe: ?

Kim: Uh hellooooo. He’s married to Lala Vazquez!

Khloe: Who?

Kim: Uh Lala!!!! My best friend.

Khloe: Is that the black girl who used to be on MTV?

Kim: Duhhhh

Khloe: Who cares! I have more money than her anyways.

Kim: Good point. I’ll make some calls.
  • A conversation between Klhoe and her mother.
Khloe: OMG Mom. I just came up with the BEST idea
Mom: What?
Khloe: Lets hook Kim up with Jeremy Lin! She’d get such good ratings
Mom: We already tried that
Khloe: Whaaaat? We did? So is he going to be on the show?
Mom: No he declined
Mom: Yea I know. I offered 30 G’s to get him to on the show but he said no
Khloe: Well that sucks. I’m kind of upset now
Mom: We’ll go get Ice Cream later
Khloe: Rocky Road!!! 
  • A conversation between Klhoe and Bill Walker
Klhoe: Hey Billyyyy
Walker: Supppppp 
Klhoe: I’m at the Mavs game, Lamar is awful
Walker: Nice. Who they playing?
Khloe: Knicks
Walker: Niceeeeee
Khloe: Yea… I’m so bored
Walker: Lol. You should hook me up with Kim. She hot
Khloe: How much are you making this year?
Walker: 916,000
Khloe: LOL. You are SO funny. Seriously, how much are you making?
Walker: 916,000… 
Khloe: Seriously?
Walker: Yea
Khloe: Sorry Billyyyy, I don’t think she’d go for you
Walker: 😦
Khloe: Sorry pumpkin

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