Notes From Knicks 115-111 Overtime Loss to Boston

My weekend has been ruined. That was a pitiful, disgusting loss by the Knicks. I am not going to synopsize the last part of this game or else I will vomit all over my computer. Sure, the Knicks were screwed badly by the officials and Boston made some lucky shots but there is no excuse for New York to lose this game. Their effort in the 3rd quarter was horrific. Turnovers and lazy basketball killed the Knicks all day. They did a nice job to fight back in the game but this game should not have been close.

For Knicks fans, this was another episode in the depressing saga of Knicks-Celtics basketball. Today’s game was a movie. A movie that all Knicks fans have seen before. New York outplays Boston in the first half before playing a horrible 3rd quarter. The Knicks scrap their way back into the game by the end but always find a way to lose. Today was no different. Boston bitched the Knicks once again. The Knicks will continue to be Boston’s bitch until they can beat them in in their own house. This team may have more talent right now but this Knicks team is no better than last years team. New York has yet to take the next step to that elite team. Today would have been a big step forward. The Knicks took 3 steps backwards.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • How fixed did that game look? There were so many horrible calls against the Knicks by the officials. Scott Foster historically fucks the Knicks over and today was no different. I was appalled with how biased the officiating was. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were able to get away with anything they wanted to and they were babied by the officials all day. Iman Shumpert’s blasphemous technical foul call ended up being monumental in a game that went to overtime. I do not understand what a technical foul is anymore. Garnett blatantly calls out the official screaming in his face. No technical. Garnett gets in the face of Knicks players. No technical. Shumpert shows emotion after dunking on Garnett and the officials T him up? That game literally smelled of fixation. The Knicks should have won the game regardless but that officiating was a huge part of Boston winning that game.
  • D’Antoni totally mismanaged the end of the game. Carmelo Anthony pulled down a Paul Pierce miss with 18 seconds left in the game. Mike D’Antoni calls a timeout. Why? Why why why do you take a timeout there? Another couple of seconds could have been run off the clock. Does D’Antoni not trust Melo to hit free throws? Calling a timeout was a total mistake. Another mistake was not fouling Pierce before he hit the 3. Why do you live and die by a 3? You have Melo and Novak on the floor. Both are great free throw shooters and Melo is incredibly clutch. You have to foul there and take a chance shooting free throws. Then D’Antoni drew up a bad inbound play that got Melo the ball past the 3 point line with 2 seconds left on the clock. Total mismanagement late in the game on D’Antoni’s part.
  • The Knicks point guards were outplayed badly today. Rajon Rondo had a triple double while the Knicks point guards combined for 12 turnovers. Jeremy Lin was pressing the entire game and Baron Davis was sloppy. I had a feeling that Rondo’s quickness and defense would bother him and I was correct. Lin looked better than in the Miami game but he still did not play well. He overthrew passes, struggled with his dribble at times and missed shots. Despite his poor game, Lin was impressive late in the 4th quarter. He flipped a switch in the final 4 minutes of the game. He hit a clutch 3 and ran the offense well. This was not Lin’s best performance but I like how he continued to rally and attack late in the game.
  • I’m really not sure what to write about Amar’e. What else can be said about him? He’s struggling so badly right now. He played a good first half but he was rocking the invisibility cloak in the second half. The only time he showed up in the 2nd half or overtime was when he tried to one hand dunk a put back and badly missed with a minute left in overtime. Stoudemire has to start performing and the Knicks have to start getting him more involved.
  • Steve Novak was solid again today. Novak was 4/7 from downtown and was a +14 in 27 minutes. Novak continues to prove himself worthy of solid playing time.
  • Heading in the opposite direction is Landry Fields. I love Fields but he is playing himself right to the bench. He was a -16 on the day. In the 3rd quarter, he shot the ball on 3 straight possessions and did not score on any of them. I love Fields but he has to start playing better if he wants to save his job.
  • JR Smith was 1/6 today. He has to be better. The Knicks are relying on him to be their scoring 6th man and he struggled badly today. Overall, especially in the second half, the second unit was unable to produce like they did on Wednesday against Cleveland. I thought the bench still played well but they did not dominate. Davis played well along with Novak, Shump and Jeffries but Boston did a good job containing Smith and not allowing Novak to kill them late in the game. Tip your hat to Boston but the Knicks bench had to dominate in the second half and they did not. JR did have a cool dunk though:
  • Shumpert had a really good game. He had 14 points on 6/9 shooting and played strong defense on the perimeter. He is surpassing Fields in terms of production at the 2 and I could see him soon starting over Fields. I loved his dunk all over Garnett today. It sucked that he got T’d up for it.
  • Don’t blame Melo for this one. He came to play today. 8/21 isn’t great but in the late fourth quarter, he produced big time. I loved the way he played off the ball. He was cutting and using screens to get himself good looks. This is the way Anthony must continue to play. He got a few opportunities to run isolation but for the most part he was doing his damage cutting and slashing towards the rim. In overtime, Anthony did struggle down the stretch. His missed shots were a huge part of the Knicks losing the game but overall he played a pretty solid game.

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