Notes From Knicks 115-111 Overtime Loss to Boston

My weekend has been ruined. That was a pitiful, disgusting loss by the Knicks. I am not going to synopsize the last part of this game or else I will vomit all over my computer. Sure, the Knicks were screwed badly by the officials and Boston made some lucky shots but there is no excuse for New York to lose this game. Their effort in the 3rd quarter was horrific. Turnovers and lazy basketball killed the Knicks all day. They did a nice job to fight back in the game but this game should not have been close.

For Knicks fans, this was another episode in the depressing saga of Knicks-Celtics basketball. Today’s game was a movie. A movie that all Knicks fans have seen before. New York outplays Boston in the first half before playing a horrible 3rd quarter. The Knicks scrap their way back into the game by the end but always find a way to lose. Today was no different. Boston bitched the Knicks once again. The Knicks will continue to be Boston’s bitch until they can beat them in in their own house. This team may have more talent right now but this Knicks team is no better than last years team. New York has yet to take the next step to that elite team. Today would have been a big step forward. The Knicks took 3 steps backwards.

Here are my notes from the game:

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Knicks-Celtics: What to Watch For

The Celtics and Knicks seem to be headed in opposite directions right now. Led by Jeremy Lin, the Knicks look to make a run towards the playoffs. Given their age and lack of depth, the Celtics seem keen on blowing up the team and rebuilding. However, the Knicks never play well against Boston.

Can you remember the last time the Knicks won in Boston? I can’t.

This is a huge game for the Knicks. At 18-18, the Knicks look to get back over .500 and win in Boston for the first time since 2006. While Linsanity has been awesome, the Knicks still have a lot of work to do. Their 71 point second half performance against Cleveland on Wednesday was a good start but the Knicks must continue to take steps in the right direction. At 1 pm Sunday, the Knicks have an opportunity to take a big step forward. A victory would not only start a winning streak and stick the Knicks over .500 but it would show the evolution of a team.

On opening day, the Knicks beat a Paul Pierce-less Celtic team 106-104 at the Garden. Last month, the Knicks lost 91-89 in a heartbreaker in Boston. New York must prove that this is a different Knicks team. Sure they are much improved from a month ago but a loss on Sunday would be detrimental. This is a Boston team that has owned the Knicks for years. A Sunday victory would be another step in showing the NBA world that this is a new Knicks team. I know Boston has struggled but they still have Rondo and the Big 3. This is a huge game for New York. I think they’ll play well. It should be fun to watch. Continue reading