Notes From Knicks 102-88 Loss to Miami

Well that sucked.

The Knicks played a tough first half in Miami before the Heat pulled away in the second. Playing the second game of a back-to-back, the Knicks legs left them in the second half and Miami took advantage. The Miami big 3 combined for 67 points while the Knicks starters combined for only 59 points. Jeremy Lin was totally overwhelmed by Mario Chalmers and the Heat defense as he shot 1/11 from the floor and had 8 turnovers. Ultimately, as much as I hate Miami, you have to put this game in perspective. This is one game. Yes it does suck to lose to Miami but will this loss de-rail the Knicks season? No. Miami is rolling right now and the Knicks have a bunch of moving parts to go along with a new point guard and struggling stars. The Knicks are in transition while the Heat are a finished product. I still believe the Knicks, when playing at a high level, have the match ups needed to play with the Heat but it just did not work out for them tonight.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • Jeremy Lin was overwhelmed. There’s just no other way to say it. Tonight, for the first time since he became the starter, Jeremy Lin looked flustered early in the game. Mario Chalmers was picking him up 94 feet from the basket and pestered him all the way down the court. Lin was unable to find any rhythm in this game. Miami destroyed the Knicks pick and roll. Their athleticism and length completely took away passing lanes that Lin would usually find. In the second half, Lin looked a bit better than he did in the first. He still finished 1/11 shooting with 8 turnovers but I didn’t think he looked as flustered in the second half. Lin only finished with 3 assists and was unable to run the offense effectively. Miami’s defense totally took Lin out of this game and therefore destroyed the Knicks offense.
  • Whose idea was it for Tyson Chandler to guard Chris Bosh? Amar’e Stoudemire usually does a good job guarding Miami’s reptilian power forward, but for whatever reason the Knicks decided to have Chandler guard him. He was eaten up all night by Posh Bosh. Bosh had a GAME HIGH 25 points. That is totally unacceptable. While Bosh is a good player, there is no way the Knicks can allow him to beat them. Anytime the Heat needed a basket, Bosh was there to deliver. Watching him score basket after basket was sickening and my roommate is pissed at me due to the high levels of vomit all over the floor. At least this is kind of funny:

via LoHoud Knicks

  • Did Amar’e fly home at halftime? He was 4/7 in the game. No he did not get hurt or spend the second half in the toilet with the runs, he actually played 30 minutes tonight. He got 7 shots. Are you serious? This was one of the games he actually looked alive offensively! Sure he wasn’t perfect, but he had a nice dunk on the gungan power forward mentioned above and he even hit a few shots. However he did have 6 turnovers but still, I thought he seemed to have more energy offensively. They went away from him in the second half and I don’t really know why. Instead of call for the ball and take over, he floated around and twiddled his thumbs. He made no effort to get the ball and he made no effort to impact the game on the boards. At one point, Mario Chalmers boxed him out on a rebound and I got really angry and screamed at the TV profusely. Over this all star break, Amar’e needs to either take a really really long nap or work out really hard. He needs to get his legs and his explosiveness and his energy back. Tonight, I thought he played well but his impact was hardly felt. This is a guy who needs to shoot 17-20 times a game and he needs to do so efficiently.
  • Steve Novak and JR Smith played well tonight!
  • Baron Davis did a great Toney Douglas impersonation tonight.
  • Reggie Miller gave me a headache the entire game.
  • Can anyone please find out why TNT doesn’t talk about basketball during their halftime show?
  • The Knicks actually shot well at the free throw line, 19/22, despite the fact that it didn’t matter. Why is it that when they need free throws they miss and when they’re getting slaughtered they make them? That makes no sense to me.
  • One positive from this game is that the Knicks know they can shoot against the Heat. In their two games against Miami, the Knicks are shooting 41% from downtown. Miami is a sub par team defending the 3 ball and the Knicks have guys who can hit the three. Novak had a real good one shooting 4/5 from downtown and my name is Earl was 2/5 from downtown. The Knicks did very little well offensively tonight but they did shoot the ball well from 3.
  • LeBron’s headband is so funny. It literally sits at like a 55 degree angle on his head to cover up his receding hairline. It’s also really funny that he drinks apple martinis.
  • I think the all-star break will be good for the Knicks. D’Antoni wants to run a small mini-camp in order to build team chemistry. Personally, I think its a great idea. The more practices the better. The Knicks don’t play again until next Wednesday against the Cavs. After that, they don’t play until that upcoming Sunday against Boston. The Knicks will have a lot of good practice time. I look for them to install a zone defense as well as work JR Smith into the offensive system so he’s not playing ghetto ball out there the entire time.
  • I did a post game spreecast with Brad Wolff. Yay.
  • It’s almost baseball season!

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