A Disturbing Trend Has Arisen At Madison Square Garden

The Knicks have been and up an down team all season. Sometimes they look like a title contender and sometimes they look like they could be in the running for a top 5 pick, but then you remember that James Dolan threw all their picks into the Melo deal. One day they’ll beat Dallas but then they’ll turn around and give up fifteen 3’s to the Nets. At 16-17, this season has been turbulent for Knick fans to say the least. However for New York, throughout this lockout-shortened season one thing has remained a constant:

The Knicks inability to beat bad teams.

Despite having played the easiest schedule in the NBA to date, the Knicks sit at 16-17. If the season were to end today, the Knicks would have the second lowest average point differential, 1.2, of any playoff team despite their patty cake schedule. When facing teams that currently have losing records, the Knicks are just 12-9. Obviously the fact that they are 4-8 against good teams is not good but it is more disturbing that they cannot beat bad teams. Sure, they have a winning record but 13-9 is nothing to write home about. Losing to Phoenix, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New Jersey, Charlotte and Toronto at Madison Square Garden is nothing to write home about.

It astonishes me how up and down this team is. They can get up to play the good teams and they struggle to garner enough energy to bury the bad teams. “Oh well it is different with Jeremy Lin”. No it’s not. The Knicks have played nine games with Lin as the starting point guard. They are 7-2. The two losses came against New Jersey and New Orleans and both losses occurred at Madison Square Garden. Those two teams have a combined record of 17-48. Totally unacceptable for the Knicks to be losing to teams like that at home.

The Knicks cannot transition to being an elite team until they learn to bring energy into every game, night in and night out. By comparison, here are how some of the elite NBA teams stack up to the Knicks:

Heat: 14 wins 3 losses

Bulls: 19 wins 3 losses

Oklahoma City: 14 wins 2 losses

LA Clippers: 8 wins 3 losses

Knicks: 13 wins 9 losses

The Knicks will never enter even the upper echelon of the NBA if they cannot better their play against bad teams. The Knicks currently sit at 16-17, good enough for the 7th seed in the East. Right now, they would be playing the Chicago Bulls in the first round. Ideally, the Knicks would like to move up to any of the 3-6 seeds to avoid a first round matchup with Miami or Chicago. The Knicks have 13 more games against teams with sub .500 records. In order to close the 5 game gap between them and the 3rd seed (Orland0), the Knicks need to win at least 10 of these last 13 games, if not win all 13. Obviously they will have their hands full playing the Pacers and Bulls three more times a piece and Miami twice. They cannot afford to be dropping games to lottery teams, they need every win they can get.

Overall, if the Knicks are going to propel themselves to the 3rd seed in the east they must begin to consistently beat bad opponents. Losing games at home to the Raptors, Bobcats, Bucks, Hornets, Nets and Suns is utterly unacceptable. Great teams continually abuse the bad teams and the Knicks seem to get abused by bad teams far too often. Obviously, at 16-17, the Knicks are not an elite team at the moment. Given their coach, talent and new found point man, the Knicks do have the potential to become one of the NBA elite by season’s end. In order to ascend up the Eastern Conference standings, the Knicks must find a way to bring consistent energy on a night in night out basis. They need to play against Charlotte with the same energy they bring against Miami. Great teams capitalize on lesser opponents and the Knicks struggle. They are not great now and will never be a great team if they cannot quickly fix their consistently. I suggest the Knicks hurry up and get their act together. There are only 33 games remaining.


3 comments on “A Disturbing Trend Has Arisen At Madison Square Garden

  1. I think you are ignoring, or at least not considering enough, the fact that this team has dealt with more roster turnover than any other playoff team in the East. Miami, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, all had set rosters coming into the season. The Knicks added a new center (Tyson), three new point guards (Shump, Lin, Davis) and a new shooting guard (JR) to a team that even before those additions hadn’t played together hardly at all.

    You can’t have that many key guys that haven’t played together and not expect some inconsistency. The Nets hit nine threes in the first half last night; NBA teams, no matter how bad, are going to do that on occasion and even more so against teams that don’t communicate well or haven’t played together much. Take a breath, and realize that it’s not realistic to expect this team to pull it all together and be a top 3 or 4 team in the East this year, it’s just not. But the Knicks are in a great position to contend next year and their roster matches up with the Heat probably better than anyone, even the Bulls, going into the future.

  2. I agree with what you said. I use that same argument to defend Mike D’Antoni all the time. My point is that, even without great chemistry, the Knicks should be beating these teams. They can beat Dallas one day and the next day lose to the Nets? That has a lot to do with energy. If you watch them play, they don’t bring the same energy against bad teams as they do against good teams

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