Notes From the Knicks 89-85 Loss to New Orleans

The Knicks sucked tonight. Period. End of story. They never led in this game, they started the game with poor effort and they couldn’t get a stop down the stretch. 10 missed free throws and 21 turnovers cost the Knicks this game. They were sloppy and played like an Isiah Thomas coached team tonight. New Orleans wanted it more and they got it. Before you read my anger filled post game, let me say something. I understand that this is only 1 out of 66 NBA games. I understand the Knicks came in a bit cocky and might even be exhausted from this constant media attention but there is NO excuse to blow a chance to get over .500 to a team like that. The Hornets had 3 starters (Gordon, Landry, Okafor) out and Jarrett Jack hardly played tonight. The Knicks remaining schedule only has 13 “should win” (in my opinion) games left. The Knicks have played most of their cupcake games this year. They need every win they can get and there is absolutely no excuse for losing to a banged up New Orleans team at home.  Continue reading


Knicks-Hornets: What to Watch For

Melo is out again tonight for the Knicks. No worries. The 6-23 Hornets come into Madison Square Garden without 4 of their starters. Eric Gordon, Emeka Okafor, Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry will all be sidelines with knee injuries for New Orleans. The Knicks will go for 8 straight victories tonight against the Hornets. Linsanity still remains in full effect for the Knicks and their new point guard. Continue reading