Notes From the Knicks 100-85 Win Over Sacramento

Make it 7 wins in a row. The soon to be relocated Sacramento Kings came into Madison Square Garden Wednesday night only to be blown right out of the building by the Jeremy Lin show. In one of his best games as a Knick, Lin played his role to near perfection scoring 10 points and dishing a career high 13 assists in 26 minutes. It was a great all around win for the Knicks and the starters were able to get some key rest late in the game.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • Jeremy Lin was fantastic once again. I was interested to see how Lin would play when he didn’t need to be the scorer. I assumed he would be great but you never know. Lin did not disappoint. In a game that featured a Kings team that gave Jerome James levels of effort tonight, the Knicks collectively shot the ball. Tonight, Lin gave the Knicks a great preview of his likely style of play once Carmelo Anthony returns. He was 4/6 from the field for 10 points and dished out a career high 13 assists. Lin was nothing short of spectacular passing the ball and setting up his teammates for easy looks. He had 6 turnovers but 5 of them came in the 3rd quarter when Lin began to show some fatigue. The game was out of reach at halftime. Fantastic performance by Lin and he should only continue to improve. Melo might be back Friday. It should be fun.
  • Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty claimed before the game that “Jeremy Lin Doesn’t Want Any of Tyreke Evans“. After Evans’ pitiful 6/14 (most the 6 came in garbage time aka the 2nd half), I think it is safe to say that Tyreke Evans doesn’t want any of Jeremy Lin.
  • Amar’e Stoudemire is still trying to get back on track. STAT didn’t post a horrible stat line going 5/11 for 11 points and 5 boards but he did not play great tonight. He started to hit a few jump shots which was good but his explosiveness still is not there. Lin and Stoudemire still did not hit a great pick and roll tonight. They continue to be a work in progress together. However, Stoudemire’s presence was big tonight. Sacramento really focused in on Stoudemire which is why it was lob city east tonight. With Stoudemire drawing attention on the perimeter and DeMarcus Cousins not having a brain, the paint was open all night for Lin to pick the Kings apart. Lin and STAT will eventually get on track together but that did not happen tonight.
  • The Kings were so bad that Bill Walker even had a good game tonight. 6/9 with 14 points and 2/3 from downtown. Nice game for Billy tonight but now I expect him to play 7 horrible ones in a row.
  • Stevie Novak is deadly. He finished 5/11 and 3/8 from downtown but his misses all came when he was throwing up Kobe shots in the 2nd half of a blowout. Novak was excellent tonight and his bombs from downtown helped the Knicks pull away in this game.
  • Landry Fields was excellent tonight. 15 points, 10 boards, 5 assists. He has been great the past few weeks and continues to improve. He even stroked a 3 tonight. Fields and Lin are best friends off the court and that chemistry has began to carry over onto the court. Fields and Lin connected on at least 4 different plays that led to Fields baskets, including 2 spectacular alley oops. Great game for Landry tonight.
  • The Kings really need to screw DeMarcus Cousins’ head on straight. I know he’s only 21 but he has the attitude of a 7 year old girl. He even got into it with one of his teammates, Jason Thompson, tonight. He has less professionalism on the court than Jason Whitlock has on twitter. All Cousins does is bitch and whine when things don’t go well and multiple times tonight the Knicks picked up transition baskets off Cousins loafing back on defense. I really think Cousins will be nothing more than an average player because his attitude is cancerous and his body language is feminine.
  • Melo and Lin seemed to be enjoying themselves on the bench tonight. That is a great sign. I really do think Melo is serious about winning and does not want to screw up the mojo that Lin has going right now. I can’t wait to see them in action together.
  • Clyde and Breen were pretty funny tonight. See Seth Rosenthal’s twitter timeline for more details.
  • This is the fastest I’ve ever finished a post game, mainly because I started in the 3rd quarter. Oh, and Jimmer sucks. Go Knicks!

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