Notes From the Knicks 107-93 Win Over the Wizards… aka Part 3 of the Jeremy Lin Show

The Jeremy Lin show, also known as the New York Knicks basketball team, rolled into Washington on a 2 game winning streak. Nobody thought that the Knicks would lose tonight because the Wizards flat out suck. Everyone was correct. The Knicks won and the Wizards do in fact suck. Lin was the star again tonight, scoring 23 points and adding a career high 10 assists. Once again Steve Novak came off the bench and did his best Larry Bird impersonation, scoring 19 points and hitting 5/9 from downtown. The Knicks pulled away from the hapless Wizards mid-way through the 4th quarter. I feel bad for all 55 people who attended the game because they had to watch one team tonight play some lazy, uninterested, depressing basketball. I don’t get the Wizards. They have guys like Blatche and McGee and Wall who are supposed to be these super talented guys and they flat out suck. Nick Young must’ve toked up with Renaldo Balkman before the game tonight because he made some of the stupidest plays I’ve ever seen. He had a drive to the hoop in which he tried a reverse 2k dunk and got it stripped from him. I will talk about the Wizards in my notes (briefly) but I will go on to the Knicks as this is not a Wizards blog (thank god).

Here are my notes from the game:

  • Thank god the Knicks don’t have anymore scheduled NBA TV games. 1. My stupid dorm cable here at the University of Arizona doesn’t get NBA TV and the games get blacked out on league pass so I have to watch the game on a streaming live feed which is far worse than TV or LP. 2. I hate other teams announcers because they all pail in comparison to Clyde and Breen (or even Dedes).
  • Walker and Bibby sucked. Mike Bibby did his best Toney Douglas impersonation tonight as he came off the bench and 0/6 in 15 minutes and didn’t score a point. At least he didn’t screw up the flow of the offense and I would still rather have him coming off the bench right now than Douglas. I think Walker and Nick Young made a pre-game bet. Whoever could look more retarded on the court would win 30 pounds of ganja from the other player. I’m not really sure who won. Young looked like a complete moron on the floor all night, recording 5 fouls, shooting fadeaway contested threes and trying NBA 2k dunks in traffic. Walker wasn’t much better as he shot 1/8 from down town and 2/10 overall. His worst play was on a fast break when John Wall came barreling at him. Rather than contest the shot or foul Wall preventing a shot, Walker stood flat footed and out of position then proceeded to collar Wall around the head but then let him go soon enough to allow him to get a continuation. The very next possession, Walker took a contested 3 with 17 seconds left on the shot clock. I believe he also tripped over himself on a rebound, probably due to the high levels of marijuana intake from his pre-game warmup.
  • John Wall had to have the worst 29 point game ever. He has made little to no development. Wall’s potential is endless, he is playing purely off talent right now. His talent is insane. In terms of athleticism and pure speed, Wall is in a class of his own but in terms of his basketball IQ he would be sitting in the very back of the class.  He had 6 assists tonight but I can’t remember any of them. The Wizards really seem to have no idea what they are doing offensively. Apart from the one man fast break, the Wizards really have no consistent way of scoring. Wall has absolutely no control of that offense or that team. He is a hell of a talent but he is a very poor point guard. It was interesting to watch talent vs brains tonight. Wall’s talent is off the charts while Lin’s basketball IQ far trumps that of the one-year wonder from Kentucky. Again this isn’t a Wizards blog so I’ll stop ripping on Wall but I was just in shock about how poor of a point guard Wall is.
  • Novak! Novak! Novak! Stevie Novak was phenomenal again tonight. I’ve called for him to get 5-10 minutes a game due to the Knicks lack of shooting but I never thought he could play like this. He had 19 points in 27 minutes and was a huge part of the Knick victory tonight. On a night that saw Bibby and Walker shoot 1/12 from downtown, Novak was efficient and deadly from beyond the arc. His 5 three pointers really turned the game in the 2nd quarter. The Knicks played a porous 1st quarter, marred by 17 Walker jump shots, and trailed the Wizards who were trying to hand the Knicks the game. Novak got rolling in the 2nd and the Knicks never looked back. I think Novak has earned himself minutes even when Melo and Amar’e return. His defense isn’t great but he has not been horrid defensively. I think he definitely can play a role on this team. San Antonio gets away with playing Bonner in that same role. Same with Chicago and Korver. Why can’t Novak be that guy for the Knicks? I think he can.
  • I hate to rag on Fields but he has got to improve his free throw shooting. I thought he played a good game tonight but he was 4/7 from the free throw line dropping his percentage on the season to 61.9%. That is thoroughly unacceptable. Given his style of play, slashing, driving, rebounding, he is going to be fouled a lot and he can’t be leaving points at the line. I noted the other day that Jeffries has improved his free throw shooting this year well Fields has regressed in his free throw shooting. He is down from 76.9% to 61.9%. Obviously that is not good and that needs to change. Tonight, his misses didn’t hurt the Knicks as they played against a team that didn’t want to be there but ultimately Fields will need to start making his free throws to help the Knicks win close games.
  • Lin! Lin! He did it again!! The magic of Jeremy Lin continued tonight in the nations capital. Lin was again fantastic with 23 points and a career high 10 assists. I thought he did an excellent job tonight of spreading the floor. Lin also showed some toughness tonight as he took a John Wall cranium right to the chin. My only criticism of Lin tonight is that he didn’t fix his damn band aid. The thing was half hanging off his chin for most of the 3rd quarter and it was driving me insane. Anyways, back to things that matter. Lin did a good job offensively and even recorded a dunk tonight. You see the magic of Lin demonstrated on the dunk. As he runs into the paint, the Wizards realize his divine powers and actually run away from the paint.
  • Overall, I thought Lin did another fantastic job tonight. I would like to see him catch and shoot with more confidence as he did look hesitant tonight on his jumper. He threw nice lob passes, he got everyone involved and he scored when he was given the opportunity. It was another great night for the “yellow mamba” and I look forward to seeing how decrepit Derek Fisher holds up against Lin on Friday.

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