Notes From the Knicks 107-93 Win Over the Wizards… aka Part 3 of the Jeremy Lin Show

The Jeremy Lin show, also known as the New York Knicks basketball team, rolled into Washington on a 2 game winning streak. Nobody thought that the Knicks would lose tonight because the Wizards flat out suck. Everyone was correct. The Knicks won and the Wizards do in fact suck. Lin was the star again tonight, scoring 23 points and adding a career high 10 assists. Once again Steve Novak came off the bench and did his best Larry Bird impersonation, scoring 19 points and hitting 5/9 from downtown. The Knicks pulled away from the hapless Wizards mid-way through the 4th quarter. I feel bad for all 55 people who attended the game because they had to watch one team tonight play some lazy, uninterested, depressing basketball. I don’t get the Wizards. They have guys like Blatche and McGee and Wall who are supposed to be these super talented guys and they flat out suck. Nick Young must’ve toked up with Renaldo Balkman before the game tonight because he made some of the stupidest plays I’ve ever seen. He had a drive to the hoop in which he tried a reverse 2k dunk and got it stripped from him. I will talk about the Wizards in my notes (briefly) but I will go on to the Knicks as this is not a Wizards blog (thank god). Continue reading