Notes From Knicks 91-89 Loss to Boston

Different night. Different opponent. Same old Knicks. The Knicks lost their in the final seconds, this time 91-89 in Boston. In a game marred by horrible officiating, Boston’s rebounding, Toney Douglas’ inability to play basketball and more horrible officiating, the Knicks blew a 6 point halftime lead as they dropped yet another game in Boston. New York has not won in Boston since 2006. Anger does not begin to describe how I felt during the game and how I feel now. This team is the epitome of torture but unlike the 2010 San Francisco Giants they are not winning any games.  Continue reading


Knicks-Celtics: What to Watch For

There are rumors swirling right now. Baron Davis is rumored to have a setback. Mike D’Antoni’s job is reportedly on the line tonight. With a loss tonight, the Knicks may be propelled into full crisis mode. And they haven’t won in Boston since 2006.  Continue reading