Notes From Knicks 113-86 Victory Over Detroit

Sorry to all people reading that this article wasn’t posted earlier. I have been under the weather the past week and between school and rest I wasn’t able to get on here and write any blogs.

On Tuesday night, the Knicks blew out the Pistons 113-86. The offense was flawless in the first half and the Knicks led by 12 at halftime. Carmelo Anthony and Landry Fields led the Knicks to victory with 25 points and 18 points respectively.

Here are some notes from the game:

  • Landry Fields had his best game of the season. He played literally a flawless first half as he was 6/6 from the field (no pun intended) at halftime. He finished the game 7/10 including 4/6 from outside the arc. This is a great sign as Fields’ 3 point shooting has been abysmal this season. Over the last 5 games, Fields has shot 43% from outside the arc and has averaged 12.6 points a game. He seems to be playing more comfortably within the offense as well as more confidently.
  • Speaking of playing within the offense, Melo had an efficient 25 point performance. He wasn’t 10/30 or 9/27 like in games past. He shot 9/14 and 2/3 from beyond the arc. I understand that Detroit was the opponent and they are awful but I definitely have noticed a concentrated effort by Melo to play within the offense. This does not mean that the Knicks cannot run isolation plays to Melo but every time he gets the ball he doesn’t need to shoot. I liked how he played on Tuesday. When he had a mismatch, he attacked the rim. I thought he did a nice job of moving the ball. He is skilled enough in spot up situations to not always need isolations to get him going. His first shot of the game was a spot up 3 that he hit. There are ways for him to get his points without screwing up the flow and execution of the offense and I think slowly he is learning that. He will not play like this all the time right away but I think in time he can make this his game. If you watch OKC, Durant doesn’t stop the ball. LeBron moves the ball. Dirk moves the ball. Melo does not need to be a ball stopper. I think when Baron Davis comes back the flow of the offense will improve and the Knicks will be able to get Melo some more spot up shots in the offense. I really like his spot up ability and I think he can continue to play like this.
  • Amar’e still cannot get going. He was 5/11 and scoring 15 points. I didn’t think Stoudemire played poorly but he has yet to have a dominant break out game. It is quite disheartening to see Stoudemire struggling offensively, especially given how great he was last season. He only hit 1/4 from mid-range on Tuesday and still cannot get his jumper going. I thought his shot looked good in Houston on Saturday but it was ineffective on Tuesday. He still does not look explosive to me. It is pretty clear that he still hasn’t found his legs but on the bright side I do this he’s getting closer. He did not get going Tuesday but over the last few games, Stoudemire has looked a little bit more explosive. I think he’s emphasizing getting to the rim on offense and I think thats the right way to go. Until he gets his mid-range game going, Stoudemire needs to find the way to impact the game in other ways and I think he can do that getting to the hoop.
  • Bill Walker had 5 fouls in 15 minutes… yikes
  • Walker and Renaldo Balkman literally are the best garbage time players in the league. Balkman, who looked like a weird gremlin with a pony tail, was 3/3 in 6 minutes and Walker hit some shots as well.
  • Sorry for the short/really late post. I am feeling much better and will writing posts longer and on time now that I’m finally healthy.

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