Knicks-Pistons: What to Watch For

The Knicks defeated the Pistons 103-80 earlier this season in Detroit. Carmelo Anthony is a game time decision for the game tonight and Baron Davis will not make his Knick debut.

Here’s what to watch for:

  • Who posters Monroe tonight? Amar’e dunked on him last year. Melo dunked on him earlier this season. If I had to put money on it, I bet Bibby is gonna jam on him tonight.
  • All jokes aside, Monroe can play. He is far and away the best player the Pistons have on either side of the court and he will get his touches tonight. The Pistons center has averaged 17 ppg and 9 rpg in his last 5 games. Given the Knicks success against bad teams this year (sarcasm), I expect Detroit to play well tonight. Madison Square Garden brings the best out of opposing teams and I do not expect tonight to be different. If Detroit is going to compete, they will need to feed Monroe the ball tonight. Tyson Chandler, who has been excellent defensively all season, will have to slow down Monroe. In the last Knicks-Pistons meeting, Monroe had an efficient 15 points on 7/11 shooting.
  • **Breaking Meloship News** Just kidding but Melo WILL play tonight. I do not know why. I am not happy he is playing. He is too hurt to play against Houston and Miami but he can play against Detroit. He better play Thursday against Chicago. If he looks horrible again tonight I do not wanna hear any excuses. I want him to be as close to 100% as possible and if he is rushing himself back for a game against the lowly Pistons then I believe he is making a mistake. He should have sat tonight and made sure he was ready to go against Chicago.
  • That being said about Melo, this is a big game for the Knicks. Not to elicit panic (although its not like I need to) the Knicks are 7-13. They are screwing up the easy part of their schedule by losing games they should easily win and the schedule only gets harder from here. The Knicks need to start scrapping out victories until they can begin to play like they should. Losses like Phoenix, Charlotte, Toronto and Cleveland may end up killing this team down the stretch if they do not improve. The East has a lot of solid teams this season and the game from 1-8 won’t be as wide as it has been in the past. The Knicks need to stop dicking around and get back on track or else they could potentially not even make the playoffs. I know its early in the year but its not that early. This team has played more than a quarter of their games and they need to start winning.
  • Iman Shumpert seems to have lost the right to play point guard and I do not get why. Maybe it is an attempt to save his legs a bit and he is better served at the 2 and 3 but he is the best point guard on this team. Douglas has gotten his job back and I do not understand what prompted Mike D’Antoni to make this move. Douglas has done absolutely nothing to get his job back. He has been god awful all season, he really has not had that breakout game and he hasn’t been good defensively. I ultimately think Shumpert will stay at the 2 but for right now I would like to see him keep getting minutes at the point.
  • I think Jeremy Lin is going to get some run tonight…
  • I think Steve Novak will also get some run tonight…
  • ^ Neither of those things are good for the Knicks