Knicks-Cavs: What to Watch For

Last season the Knicks struggled mightily against the Cavs, losing 3 of 4 to LeBron’s old squad. Current Knick Baron Davis killed the Knicks last season as a member of the Cavaliers. His replacement, first overall selection Kyrie Irving will provide a challenge for the Knick defense tonight as he has had an impressive rookie campaign.

Here’s what to watch for:

  • Multiple Knick beat writers have been reporting that Baron Davis may make his Knick debut tonight. Now this won’t be a Melo debut where he starts and plays 35 minutes. Any Davis appearance will likely be 5-10 minutes just to get his feet wet. Personally, I do not want him to play tonight. I want him back healthy as much as anyone but there is no need to rush him back against a Cleveland team playing a back to back.
  • Apart from breaking their 6 game losing streak, the Knicks decisive victory last night allowed the starters to get some much needed rest and the Knicks should have an advantage tonight. Cleveland battled with Miami last night and should have more wear on their legs than the Knicks do tonight.
  • Lets see how Stoudemire and Anthony co-exist tonight. I blogged after the game last night about the remaining lack of a two-man game against Charlotte. Moving the ball definitely is great but to maximize their abilities, the two stars must learn to play together. Whether that is the pick and roll, the pick and pop or the give and go, the two stars must being to set each other up in positions to score the basketball.
  • Landry Fields should continue his hot streak. Fields has begun to re-gain his confidence over the last 4 games and his continued production offensively will be huge to the Knicks success moving forward. Against the imposing defensive matchup of Anthony Parker (sarcasm), Fields should continue to get to the rim and score points for the Knicks.

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