Jerome Jordan and Jeremy Lin Assigned to D-League

Today the Knicks assigned center Jerome Jordan and point guard Jeremy Lin to their NBA D-league affiliate Erie Bayhawks. This move however does not clear up roster spots for the Knicks so the notion of a future signing can be ruled out.

I think this was a case of the Knicks just trying to get Jordan and Lin more playing time because clearly they were not going to get any better sitting on the Knicks bench. I think Jordan can be a future contributor on this team. He showed some nice raw athleticism and I think he will vastly improve as he matures with more playing time. There aren’t many 7 footers around and I think Jordan has the potential to be a pretty good one. He’ll never be a star but I think he could definitely be a contributor coming off the bench and spot starting if needed. I am not as sold on Jeremy Lin. He has been good in the D-league before and was good for Harvard but he hasn’t shown me anything, in both Golden State and New York, that would indicate to me that he can be a contributor for the Knicks. He looked bad even in garbage minutes with the Knicks. Obviously he is very smart having gone to Harvard and so I do not rule out an NBA career for him. While I am not sold on him, there is no reason why he cannot be an Anthony Carter-esq 15th man on a roster next year. Brains will always give you an advantage in the NBA but I’m just not sold on whether Lin has the skill and athleticism to catch on to an NBA roster in the future.


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