Notes From Grizzlies 94-83 Ass-Whooping of the Knicks

That game sucked. Chandler was nonexistent, Melo got hurt and Amar’e scored 6 points. Need I say more? Knicks lost 94-83 and it wasn’t that close.

Here are some notes from the game:

  • Amar’e had a really good game tonight. He got 2 fouls in the first 2 minutes and finished the game 1/7 with 6 points and 3 rebounds in 20 minutes. It was like he and Chandler got on a plane to Oklahoma City with about 6 minutes to go in the first quarter. Both players were non factors tonight, much like the rest of the beleaguered team except for Melo.
  • Melo is a mess right now. He played a good game, scoring 14 points on 6/11 shooting, but he sprained both his wrist and ankle. It was just that type of a game. Melo’s status is unknown right now but if he’s out for any period of time, the Knicks will be in trouble. While Amar’e and Chandler were on their way to Oklahoma City, Melo kept the Knicks from drowning with his quality offensive game. Right now, he is far and away the Knicks best player but unfortunately he is the most injury beleaguered player with the exceptions of Davis and Jeffries.
  • Can Baron Davis come back already? I know he won’t hit the ground running but he can’t be any worse than this. I love Shumpert but tonight showed why we cannot rely on Shumpert. He was…. ready for this? 5/20 shooting the ball. Yes he took 20 shots and hit 5 of them. At one point he had more shot attempts than Melo, Amar’e and Chandler combined. Knick fans will act like its the end of the world. It’s not. Shumpert is a rookie, he will have games like that. That being said, this team cannot afford to have many outputs like this from Shumpert. His offensive efficiency is crucial to the Knicks success. (Hoopdata hasn’t released the advanced box scores yet but I am expecting Shumpert’s usage rate to be in the 70’s).
  • Bill Walker is a garbage time all-pro. Too bad he goes 0/11 in the playoffs.
  • Douglas showed signs of life… With 4 minutes to go in the middle of a blowout
  • Notes on Landry Fields: see notes on Toney Douglas
  • Jeremy Lin didn’t even see the court in this one… I expect him to be cut next time the Knicks sign a free agent.
  • Jerome Jordan didn’t even see the court in this one… he might be headed to the D-league when Jeffries comes back
  • Chandler was a -22 tonight
  • Novak was a +12
  • Jorts continues to stroke from outside the arc
  • Douglas continues to not stroke from outside the arc
  • Balkman thought he was Scottie Pippen trying to pipe on people tonight at the rim. He was unsuccessful.
  • Knicks play OKC on Saturday. If Melo’s not there, Saturday’s game might be worse than this one.

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