Knicks-Sixers: What to Watch For

Last season, the Knicks went 2-2 against the Sixers. Knick fans got a snapshot of what Melo brings when he hit a game icing 3 pointer against Philly in a 97-92 victory.

Here are some things to watch for tonight:

  • The Knicks bench vs Philadelphia’s bench. Philadelphia boasts a deep bench with the likes of Evan Turner, Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young. The Knicks on the other hand have a scrub bench that scored 3 whole points last game against Charlotte. As much as I hate him, Bill Walker MUST give the Knicks some scoring tonight for the Knicks to have success. Toney Douglas MUST pull his head out of his ass at some point. Jorts and Bibby have to give the Knicks quality minutes tonight if they are called upon. The Knicks bench scoring has to show up tonight if they want a chance to win.
  • Shump vs Jrue Holiday. Holiday is one of the best young point guards in the game. His success offensively goes hand and hand with Philadelphia’s success on offense. If Shumpert gets in foul trouble, or is unable to slow down Holliday, Philadelphia may have a field day offensively.
  • How will the Knicks defend Spencer Hawes? Yes I just wrote that. Not because Hawes is a great scorer but it is Hawes’ style of play which may give the Knicks problems. Hawes has taken 28 mid range shots this season and has shot 57%. If Chandler is guarding Hawes, he may be drawn out of the paint. The Knicks are a far worse defensive team when Chandler is not patrolling around the paint and guarding the rim. I believe it would be wiser to place Stoudemire on Hawes and placing Chandler on Elton Brand.

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