Knicks-Raptors: What to Watch For


  • Toney Douglas’ progression as a point guard. Douglas must continue to show improvement running the show with the Knicks. He played a nice game in Sacramento and I look for him to continue playing well against a weak Toronto squad. According to Hoopdata (an amazing site for anyone who hasn’t visited) the Raptors are 5th worst in the league in defensive efficiency. If Douglas can improve on the Sacramento game, the Knicks should roll tonight. Toronto cannot match up with the Knicks defensively and the Knicks should take this one in a laugher. If Douglas sucks, which he might, Knicks may be in for a battle because Toronto is not a bad offensive squad.
  • The Knicks must close out on the perimeter tonight. Surprisingly, the Raptors are 5th in the league so far in 3 point shooting. If the Knicks notoriously weak perimeter defense is unable to close the air space on the Raptors shooters, the Raptors may have a field day.
  • Josh Harrellson must continue to shine in Stoudemire’s absence. Stoudemire will not play again thus giving Jorts his second career start. He had a great game in his first start against Sacramento but he must continue to build on this. If Jorts can knock down some 3’s and force Toronto to guard him out there, the Knicks spacing should allow them to dominate the game in the lanes tonight.
  • Anthony Carter’s long awaited return to the garden!!! Just kidding, Carter probably will be inactive but I do love AC and was sad to see him go.

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