Knicks-Warriors: What to Watch For?

  • How Will Toney Douglas Fare in Game 2? He was incredibly frustrating in game 1 against Boston, taking 19 shots and failing to distribute the basketball efficiently. Tonight is a game, with Steph Curry probably out, that Douglas should do well in. This game could potentially be a track meet and Douglas should be able to prosper in that type of game. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight.
  • How Will Amar’e be Used Tonight? Lets face it. David Lee is a nice player but his defense may be worse than Stoudemire’s. STAT should see plenty of touches tonight. He dominated last season against the Warriors and I expect him to be dominant tonight. The Knicks did not run pick and roll with STAT in game 1 and thats something I want to see tonight. I know Douglas is sub-par as a point but I’ve seen him run pick and roll efficiently. Amar’e should get about 15-20 shot attempts tonight against a smaller, less-athletic David Lee.
  • How Will the Knicks Defend Tonight? The Knicks need to continue to improve defensively as the season goes on. With the exception of the 3rd quarter, the Knicks were good defensively versus the Celtics on Christmas. The Warriors can score the basketball. Even if Curry does not play, they still have Dorrell Wright, David Lee and Monta Ellis. It will be interesting to see how the Knicks perimeter defense does tonight. As Jared Dubin of Outside the Arc has pointed out, the Knicks perimeter defense is the true weakness of this defense. With Chandler down low, the interior defense is gonna be solid but the Knicks tonight need to close out on shooters and D up people on the wings.

Notes From Knicks-Celtics Game

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been having computer issues but they are all now resolved. Since it is obviously far too late to write a game recap, I decided to share some notes I took from watching the game a second time last night.

  • Douglas makes me pull my hair out. I love him and I think he’s a good solid shooting guard coming off the bench but he just does not know how to run the point. When the defense bears down on him he panics which is something you cannot do as a point guard. Multiple times, the play broke down and he panicked and shot the ball. He had 19 shot attempts to lead the team. On a team with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, Toney Douglas cannot shoot the ball 19 times.
  • Bill Walker sucks. I have said it a million times and game 1 showcased why. He got an offensive foul pushing off a guy on a dunk, which seems to be his forte even though nobody else in the league ever gets called for it. He had 4 fouls in 15 minutes and his defense sucks. He basically picked Chandler off of Garnett on the final play and gave Garnett a pretty good look at the basket. He did not hit a 3, or score any points for that matter, and when he doesn’t hit 3’s he is useless.
  • I do not understand where the criticism of Fields is coming from. I thought he played his role very nicely. He was efficient offensively and played solid defense. His 2 rebounds were a product of having to chase Allen around the perimeter thus taking him away from the paint when the ball was shot. He hit a 3 early in the game and had another possession where he scored off the dribble. With the scorers we have, you don’t want Fields shooting more than 7-9 times a game. He took 7 shots and hit 3. That is pretty solid and I thought he played his role well. Overall, I thought Fields played a solid game.
  • Stoudmire must be careful with the 3 ball. I loved him hitting those as much as anyone did but he must be careful. His dominant reputation does not come from shooing 3’s or floating around the perimeter. I understand that with Chandler now playing center, Stoudemire does not have the freedom to roam as much on offense. That being said, Stoudemire must continue to look to get inside shots. That is where he is truly unstoppable. It would not benefit him or the Knicks for him to be 3-happy because then he is just an overpaid stretch 4. We need his inside dominance. And getting a rebound once in a while wouldn’t hurt either…