Knicks-Celtics: What to Watch For


Will Melo Dominate?

  • With Paul Pierce out and Sasha Pavlovic starting in his place, Melo should have a field day. A 40 point, 12 rebound performance would go along way to securing an opening day win for the Knicks.

Can Toney Douglas/Iman Shumpert slow down Rajon Rondo?

  • Toney Douglas got absolutely destroyed by Rondo in the playoffs last year. This is a new season but the results may be largely the same if Rondo goes off again. The combination of Douglas and Shumpert (Bibby is hurt) must slow down Rondo on the fast break and not allow him to score. If Rondo is contained, I believe the Knicks win.

Who Makes the Big Impact Off the Bench?

  • Shumpert is probably the obvious choice but do not be shocked if Jorts turns some more heads today. I think he’ll get some decent minutes today and I think he will do very well. During the off-season, he spoke about becoming a Charles Oakley-esq enforcer and what better way to do that than against Kevin Garnett. Also look for Balkman to get some minutes to see what he can do.

Merry Christmas everyone and go Knicks!



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