Steve Novak is a Good Signing For the Knicks

The Knicks had a need for a stretch 4 who could shoot the three-ball with efficiency. They will sign one today. Former-Spurs forward Steve Novak is expected to sign a one-year veteran minimum contract with the Knicks. I actually like this move. Many teams seem to carry a guy or two like this. The Bulls have Kyle Korver, the Lakers now have Jason Kopono and the Spurs have Matt Bonner. I think every team needs a guy or two who can just come in to a game and provide a spark with some outside shooting. Novak is a 41% three point shooter. Obviously he will not be a force on the defensive end but he will give some nice offensive depth at both the 3 and the 4.

I think our backup front-court players have a chance to make an impact this year. I do like Jeffries (I know, I know) and what he provides on the defensive end. I like Harrellson and Jordan at center. Harrellson showed a bit of everything in the Knicks first preseason game. He showed his ability to hit the three, he showed some defense, rebounding and toughness. Jordan is a big 7 footer who I think can bring some solid defense in the post. Balkman, yes I have to mention him, could potentially provide some nice energy off the bench. He showed this during the Knicks first pre-season game, scoring 20 points and pulling down 4 boards. In Novak, the Knicks have a guy who can stretch the floor and hit the 3 ball. I think Shawne Williams would have been a combination of all these things (size, shooting, defense) and alleviated the need to play all these guys but I think the Knicks are sitting okay right now. Novak brings an element to the front court that the Knicks did not previously have.


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