Knicks Miss Out on Barea

Free agent point guard JJ Barea has agreed to a 4 year $19 million contract with the T’Wolves. David Kahn strikes again as the Timberwolves now have 17 point guards on their roster. He would have been a nice fit off the bench with the Knicks but his tiny frame makes him a liability on defense. I’m not too bummed out that the Knicks won’t have Barea. I’d like Jamal Crawford but that doesn’t look like it will happen either. The team seems contented to go with Douglas, Shumpert and Bibby at point guard this season. Maybe another veteran point will fill out the roster but I think primarily those are the guys who will play. As long as Douglas doesn’t play 7000 miles an hour and take dribbling tips from Bill Walker then we will be okay.


4 comments on “Knicks Miss Out on Barea

  1. what are your thoughts on R. Stuckey, n. robinson, n. young, m. redd, josh howard, or julian wright possibly coming to knicks? is it possible? would any of these guys be able to contribute in any way? should we stick with what we already have right now?

    • redd and howard are guys who the Knicks have shown some interest in. Stuckey and Nick Young are out of our price range. Nate is a head case and isn’t a good fit. I don’t think he’s a championship player. Julian Wright is okay but we are probably getting shawne williams back so wright’s services won’t be needed

  2. im really hoping to get williams back, he could improve into a decent role player. i was kind of thinking the same thing about robinson that you said. no matter who we get, i am super excited for basketball to come back.

    • absolutely. I’m so excited for the season. if you have twitter hit me up @tarmosino. it seems like you know some basketball and I’m always down to talk Knicks. Thanks for checking out my blog

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