Money Mase, We Hardly Knew Ye

According to the NY Post

Mason out, Tinsley in?

Free agent guard Roger Mason, a central figure in labor negotiations as union vice president, won’t be returning to the Knicks.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be back with the Knicks,’’ Mason told The Post. “I’ll miss the city, fans and most in the organization.’’

According to a source, Mason likely is to return to the Wizards, where he played two seasons from 2006-08. Mason’s agent also has talked to the Nets, New Orleans, Golden State, the Lakers and Boston.

I’m kinda sad to see Roger Mason go. I liked him in the playoffs last season. I thought he could have helped the team last year but his early struggles led him to eat pine for most the season. Unfortunately, Bill Walker received significant minutes during the 2nd half of the season that I believe Mason could have filled more adequately. I thought Mason was fun to watch in game 4 vs Boston when he helped lead a comeback that ultimately fell short.

Possible replacements for Mason are current Knick Andy Rautins, free agents Grant Hill and Michael Redd and former Pacers guard Jamaal Tinsley (yes that Jamaal Tinsley and yes he is still playing basketball).


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